Tokyo Olympics plays anime songs

The Tokyo Olympics officially commenced on Friday. Over the weekend, the first few Olympic champions were crowned, while other sports held their opening heats. Amidst the thrill, the Games also treated anime fans to a few surprises by playing anime songs during some of the matches.

Anime songs played during the Tokyo Olympics

tokyo olympics anime songs - team japan
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Japan and Venezuela faced off in the men’s volleyball event on 24th July 2021. During the 3rd set, Japan’s powerhouse spiker Yuji Nishida showcased his impressive vertical jump and delivered a powerful spike to bring Japan’s lead over Venezuela to 9-6.  

After the amazing performance, the tunes of the first opening of Haikyuu!!  – SPYAIR’s Imagination – began to play throughout the Ariake Arena. For a moment, the intense volleyball match felt like an episode from Haikyuu!!, and Nishida seemed like our beloved Little Giant.

tokyo olympics anime songs - indonesia mixed team archery
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On the same day, the archery competition over at the Yumenoshima Park saw another anime song feature. Following Indonesia’s surprising victory over the USA at the mixed team event, the first opening of Attack on Titan, Guren No Yumiya, greeted the muted venue. 

While some may be confused as to why the titan anime is associated with the archery event, it’s likely because Guren No Yumiya (紅蓮の弓矢) translates to “Crimson Bow And Arrow”. The song’s connection to the sport is thus evident.

tokyo olympics anime songs - under-48kg judo women finals
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Also on the first day of the Tokyo Olympics, an OST from Ghost In The Shell, Making Of A Cyborg, played before the commencement of the under-48kg women’s judo finals between Kosovo’s Distria Krasniqi and Japan’s Funa Tonaki.

3x3 women's basketball team japan
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Meanwhile, the Aomi Urban Sports Park had the Slam Dunk opening playing during the Japanese team’s entrance at the women’s 3×3 basketball match on 24th July 2021.

artistic gymnastics qualifiers men
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Fans also heard Tokyo Revengers’ opening theme at the artistic gymnastics competition during the men’s qualifiers last Saturday.

tokyo olympics anime songs - demon slayer floor routine
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During the qualification round, Mexican gymnast Alexa Moreno also showed love to anime tracks by performing her floor routine to the epic Demon Slaying Corps OST from Demon Slayer.

Japanese game soundtracks played during opening ceremony

Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony
Image credit: @Tokyo2020

During the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony on Friday, soundtracks of popular games such as Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Monster Hunter were played during the athletes’ parade. Even Sonic the Hedgehog got a cameo when the parade melody featured its Starlight Zone OST.

If you missed the opening ceremony, we’ve compiled some of the highlights of the event for you.

Tokyo Olympics features popular anime songs

We’re only three days into the Tokyo Olympics, and there are already plenty of anime song features at the various events. Perhaps, if we manifest hard enough, we may just hear songs from Free! play during the medal events for swimming, which will be happening later today.

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