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Japanese Bread Slicer Cuts Out Your Worries About Unevenness, Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Japanese bread slicer by Akebono

Slicing bread is an easy task. However, being able to slice it evenly and beautifully is a skill that only the experienced can pull off consistently. That being said, with this Japanese bread slicer, you too can do it effortlessly.

What is the Japanese bread slicer?

japanese bread slicer - bread slicer with cover
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This Japanese bread slicer, which is actually named “Home Bakery Slicer”, is a kitchen tool that helps you cut bread evenly and smoothly.

japanese bread slicer - slit for knife
Image credit: Akebono

The bread slicer has a slit that will limit the angle of your knife and ensure that each slice turns out evenly.

japanese bread slicer - measurement guide
Image credit: Akebono

On its side, you’ll find measurements that’ll help you slice a loaf of bread into your desired thickness.

How to use the Akebono Home Bakery Slicer

japanese bread slicer - adjusting height of plastic board
Image credit: Akebono

First, adjust the height of the plastic board based on how thick you want your bread slices to be.

japanese bread slicer - preparing to slice
Image credit: @localite_ai

Then, place the loaf of bread onto the plastic board of the bread slicer.

japanese bread slicer - slicing bread evenly
Image credit: Amazon

Lastly, slice your knife through the slit while pressing down on the loaf of bread, and you’re done!

Easy cleanup and bread storage

japanese bread slicer - cleaning up
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The tray located at the bottom of the Home Bakery Slicer collects the crumbs so that you can easily clean up after use.

The gadget can also be used to store bread. Just put your loaf of bread onto the plastic board, then place the hard transparent cover over it.

Where to purchase the Japanese bread slicer

For more information about the product, visit Akebono’s official website. The Japanese bread slicer retails for about ¥2000 (~USD18.22) without a cover and about ¥3000 (~USD27.33) with a cover.

You can purchase it on Amazon or GlobalKitchenJapan.

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Cover image adapted from: Akebono and @akebono_industry_official