Snack cat beds

Summer is coming, and that means our furry friends stand the risk of overheating in their thick coats. Not to worry though, as there is an all-new cat bed line to counter this problem, courtesy of the company, CattyMan.

Tasty looking snack cat beds

A sister brand of DoggyMan, a Japanese dog goods manufacturer, CattyMan has come up with a line of cat beds that will help keep our favourite felines cool during the hot summer months, all while looking cute.

There are 3 types of beds in the Hinnyari Oyatsu Time (Cooling Snack Time) cat bed line, and each bed is equipped with different functions to accommodate the needs of the cats. You’ll find extra pillows for the cats to play with, alternate entrances for the cat, or even a blanket for the cat to hide under.

3 designs available

Snack cat beds Image credit: CattyMan

The Hinnyari Kakigori (Icy Shaved Ice) bed features a mountain of shaved ice atop a “cup” with holes for your beloved kitty to slink through, as well as additional pillows in the shape of ice cubes for the cat to snuggle with. 

Snack cat beds
Image credit: CattyMan

There is also a Shuwatto Soda Candy (Fizzy Soda Candy), which features a spacious bed and the wrapper as a cosy blanket. The blanket even makes a rustling noise when touched, guaranteed to draw the attention of your favourite feline.

Snack cat beds
Image credit: CattyMan

If you’re craving for some carbs, the Fresh Fruit Sandwich bed makes for an undoubtedly adorable scene. Watch as your cat become part of the sandwich, literally, as it burrows through one entrance and out the other. 

There are also removable cushions in the form of ingredients that are part of the set. Depending on your, or more importantly, your cat’s preference, the cat beds are fully customisable.

Suitable for summer

CattyMan has ensured that the beds are made from special materials that stay cool even as the temperature soars high outside, so that our precious feline companions do not have to suffer in the crazy summer heat. 

For all interested cat parents, the prices of the cat beds vary according to different pet stores in Japan.

CattyMan snack cat beds to beat the heat

Our feline companions give us so much love and joy, it’s only right that we do right by them – by making sure they’re just as comfortable as we are during these hot summer months.

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Cover image adapted from: CattyMan and CattyMan

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