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Felissimo’s Touken Ranbu Collab Slashes Into Your Everyday Life With Themed Household Goods

Felissimo x Touken Ranbu collaboration

Most merchandise, such as keychains and button badges, are purely decorative. However, Felissimo – Japan’s popular online retail hub – has collaborated with video game Touken Ranbu to make themed household goods, proving that merchandise can have utility value too. 

You can now feel less guilty about shelling out a pretty penny for your favourite characters, knowing that these products are more than just collectibles.

Touken Ranbu themed household products with Felissimo

The collaboration features a variety of household goods.

felissimo touken ranbu - chair pocket
Image adapted from: Felissimo and Felissimo

There are chair pockets (¥5,940, ~USD55.04) which transform chairs into additional storage space. The chair pockets come in 2 designs, which are based on Higekiri and Ookurikara’s jackets. Each jacket measures approximately 59.5cm x 46cm. Its back pocket measures 46cm x 45cm, while its sleeve pockets measure about 16cm x 25cm, providing ample room for storing documents and books. 

Each chair pocket can hold about 1kg in total.

felissimo touken ranbu - laundry bags
Image credit: Felissimo

Do also consider the 54cm x 43cm mesh laundry bags (¥2,530, ~USD23.44) for your next vacation. These pouches are used to store worn clothes. 

There are 5 designs available, referencing the cloaks of Izuminokami Kanesada, Kasen Kanesada, Taikogane Sadamune, Hotarumaru and Maeda Toushirou.

felissimo touken ranbu - dust cleaner
Image credit: Felissimo

If your mobile or laptop screens are accumulating dust, this set of sushi-shaped Kuronosuke and Konnosuke dust cleaners (¥1,980, ~USD18.35) will come in handy. They are made of 100% polyester and are hand washable.

felissimo touken ranbu - candles
Image credit: Felissimo

Meanwhile, to create a chill ambiance at home, you can purchase the 4-piece candle set (¥3,190, ~USD29.56). They are modelled after the crafting materials in the Touken Ranbu game. Depending on the design, the candles will burn for roughly 20-80 minutes.

felissimo touken ranbu - tissue box cover
Image credit: Felissimo

Jazz up boring tissue boxes with this adorable tissue box cover (¥5,720, ~USD53.00) adorned with the white tigers of Gotokai. It fits tissue boxes that measure 11.5cm x 24cm x 9cm.

felissimo touken ranbu - blanket
Image credit: Felissimo

At the end of a stressful day, decompress and snuggle up with the Konnosuke blanket (¥5,940, ~USD55.04), which features a Konnosuke plushie connected to a 100% polyester orange blanket spanning 70cm x 90cm.

Character-based tea

tea boxes
Image credit: Felissimo

Besides functional household products, the collaboration also includes 6 different flavoured teas, ranging from the blackberry tea inspired by Hizen Tadahiro to Hachisuka Kotetsu’s lavender tea

Each box contains 20 tea bags and is priced at ¥2,640 (~USD24.46).

Order your Felissimo x Touken Ranbu goods

Pre-orders for these products will end on 31th May 2021 at 11.59PM JST. The goods will be shipped out between late-September to late-October 2021. Get your aesthetic and functional Touken Ranbu products here.

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Cover image adapted from: Felissimo and Felissimo