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ELEMENT x Demon Slayer Collab Features Graphic Tees And Skateboards; You Can Slay Others With Your Cool Streetwear

ELEMENT x Demon Slayer collaboration

Liking Demon Slayer is cool, but you can be cooler by donning the new Demon Slayer graphic tees released by popular streetwear brand ELEMENT. These shirts are currently up for sale and are selling out fast.

Sleek Demon Slayer graphic tees

element demon slayer - white demon slayer element shirt
Image credit: ELEMENT

In April, ELEMENT collaborated with Demon Slayer to release Demon Slayer-themed graphic tees. There are 10 designs in total, each featuring a printed “ELEMENT” logo along with Demon Slayer characters and emblems.

element demon slayer - red and black shirts
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The T-shirts are available in red, black, ivory, grey, and white – but not every design has all the colour variations. They are made of 100% cotton and come in both adult and kid sizes. 

element demon slayer - sizing chart
T-shirt sizing chart.
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For the adult-sized T-shirts, you can choose from sizes S, M, L, and XL. The kid sizes are categorised by height – 130cm, 140cm, 150cm, and 160cm.

element demon slayer - ivory design
Ivory T-shirt with Tanjiro design
Image adapted from: ELEMENT and ELEMENT

Prices range from ¥3,690 (~USD36.90) for a kid-sized tee to ¥5,390 (~USD49.72) for a T-shirt with a Tanjiro design.

More Demon Slayer products to be released in September

ELEMENT also officially announced that limited-edition skateboards, grip tapes, and wheels will be released in September under this collaboration.

Image adapted from: ELEMENT and ELEMENT

While we don’t have more details, we can get a sneak peak of the skateboard designs through photos released by ELEMENT.

red skateboard
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ELEMENT x Demon Slayer collaboration on sale now

Become the coolest Demon Slayer fan in town by purchasing the collaboration T-shirts here. Act fast as some of the colours and sizes for certain designs are already out of stock, while the KIMETSU LOGO SS T-shirt is already sold out. Fingers crossed for a restock!

Keep a lookout for more products coming in September on ELEMENT’s official website too.

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