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It may be too late to join Hogwarts now, but nothing’s stopping you from bringing the Hogwarts spirit to your wardrobe. The Department of Magic, a clothing and accessory range under Felissimo, recently released a slew of new products, including a new magic school uniform so that you can dress up as the next Hermione Granger.

New releases by the Department of Magic

On 16th April 2021, Felissimo’s Department of Magic released a slew of new magic school-themed products.

Felissimo Department of Magic - witch costume
Image credit: Felissimo

The highlight of the collection is the navy blue cape blouse (¥6,160, ~USD56.90) and the tulle skirt (¥7,920, ~USD73.15), which you can pair together for a complete witchy look.

Felissimo Department of Magic - blouse
Image credit: Felissimo

Felissimo Department of Magic - skirt
Image credit: Felissimo

You can also wear the individual pieces with everyday clothing for a more casual outfit while retaining a magical flair. Follow the Department of Magic’s example and match the magical pieces with clothing in neutral tones, such as off-white.

Felissimo Department of Magic - nails
Image credit: Felissimo

Don’t forget to add a touch of magic to your fingertips – transform your plain nails with galaxy-themed nail stickers (¥1,650, ~USD15.24)

Felissimo Department of Magic - nail stickers
(From left) Star, constellations, and moon designs.
Image adapted from: Felissimo, Felissimo and Felissimo

There are 3 designs to choose from – stars, constellations, and moons.

Felissimo Department of Magic - poach
Image credit: Felissimo

The Department of Magic also rolled out other accessories, including a small 9cm x 12cm x 8cm pouch modelled after a treasure chest (¥2,530, ~USD23.36).

Felissimo Department of Magic - handkerchief
Image credit: Felissimo

Beautiful handkerchiefs (¥1,210, ~USD11.17) with designs reminiscent of the wands and outfits in Sailor Moon are also up for grabs.

Department of Magic products from last year

The Department of Magic was first set up in May 2020, so it’s a relatively new range. Over the past year, they have released a slew of magic-themed products.

one-piece witch dress
Image credit: Felissimo

If the newly released outfit isn’t your style, consider their elegant one-piece dress (¥12,000, ~USD110.78). Wearing it will immediately turn you into a mysterious and beautiful witch.

amethyst earrings
Image credit: Felissimo

A magic girl look isn’t complete without sparkles, but overdoing it may come off as gaudy. The elegant and understated amethyst earring (¥2,860, ~USD26.40) is thus the perfect accessory to finish off a sophisticated look – the muted shade of purple complements the darker colour schemes of the one-piece dress and the navy blue cape blouse.

makeup pouch
Image credit: Felissimo

You can also consider accessorising with a cosmetic pouch that resembles a spell book (¥2,860, ~USD26.40), so that you can stay in-character while reapplying your lipstick.

Order your goods from Felissimo’s Department of Magic

Your magical journey begins with Felissimo’s magical school products, which can be purchased here.

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