Screambulance by Scaring Corps

Having to travel all the way to attend Halloween Horror Nights can be a chore. It’s also nowhere near October right now. Instead, consider inviting the horror to your house with Tokyo’s upcoming mobile haunted house called “Screambulance”. With this new service, you can “order” a haunted house whenever you’re in need of a scare or two.

Mobile haunted house at your doorstep

screambulance - official visual
Image credit: @kowagarasetai

Screambulance is a Tokyo-based ambulance-themed haunted house experience that can be delivered to your doorstep.

screambulance - official visual
Image credit: Kowagarasetai

In view of the ongoing pandemic, Scaring Corps – the company behind Screambulance – has taken innovative steps to create a chilling haunted house experience sans the ubiquitous crowds at theme parks. Furthermore, the experience is almost contactless. 

screambulance - inside the ambulance
Image credit: @kowagarasetai

According to their website, the Screambulance is equipped with 3D stereophonic sound, water sprays, and vibration mechanisms. This helps to immerse the user in an eerie atmosphere without the need for horror actors screaming in your face, which is something you’d find in a traditional haunted house. 

screambulance - scared customer
Image credit: @kowagarasetai

Screambulance will begin operations on 1st July 2021. The service is available for the 23 wards of Tokyo, though exceptions can be for areas outside of Tokyo if you’re willing to pay an extra fee.

The haunted house experience costs ¥9,000 (~USD81.90) and will last for about 15 minutes. A maximum of 6 group members can participate at one time. You can choose a timing between 12PM-12AM, but this has to be further discussed with a staff member. If you’re up for the challenge, make a reservation here.

Other unique haunted house services available

Scaring Corps works on the motto that any location can be adapted into a place of horror. As such, their haunted house services are often unorthodox and unlike a typical haunted house.

forbidden wedding official poster
Image credit: Kowagarasetai

Besides the Screambulance, the company is also currently working on an accommodation-type haunted house. This involves customers physically staying at a hotel and undergoing a 2-day haunted house experience. Called “Forbidden Wedding”, the event is slated to take place from 23-24th July 2021, and from 24-25th July 2021.

zombie arcade
Visual for Zombie Arcade
Image credit: Kowagarasetai

On top of the 2 ongoing initiatives, Scaring Corps boasts a long list of successful past events. Some of them include turning an arcade space in Tokyo German Village into a “Zombie Arcade”, and “infesting” Chiba’s Aeon Mall with scare actors at the atrium.

Dial for the Screambulance

Entertainment services have been hit hard by COVID-19, and haunted house services are no exception. However, through sheer ingenuity, Scaring Corps have found a solution to deliver horror amidst these trying times. Take a deep breath and try stepping into Screambulance this summer – hopefully, you’ll emerge from it safe and sound.

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