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Nagashi Somen Slide In Japan Lets You Play With Your Food While Challenging Your Chopstick Skills 

Nagashi somen slide

Doshisha, a lifestyle goods company, released a Nagashi somen slide that allows you to enjoy flowing cold noodles from the comforts of your home. But while such noodle slides aren’t new, it’s not every day that you see one that’s not just customisable, but also doesn’t look like a kid’s toy. 

What is nagashi somen?

nagashi somen slide 1 - visual
Image credit: @mdka29

Nagashi somen (流しそうめん; flowing noodles) is a popular Japanese dish, eaten in the summer and served flowing down a bamboo chute.

nagashi somen slide - noodles
Video adapted from: @foreveryummyforeverkawaii

You’ll need to be dexterous and fish out the flowing noodles as they woosh past you in order to eat your fill.

Flowing noodles from the comforts of your home

nagashi somen slide - key visual
Image credit: Doshisha Corporation

Due to the pandemic, the communal dining style of nagashi somen was unable to thrive. As such, Doshisha seeked to bring this fun and challenging way of eating noodles to people at home.

Design your own bamboo slide

The bamboo slide, dubbed the  “Bamboo Pavilion Nagashi-Somen”, can be arranged in 3 different ways depending on your preference.

nagashi somen slide - double course
Image credit: Doshisha Corporation

There is the double course, which is perfect for sharing as there are two sides from which you can grab your noodles.

nagashi somen slide - long and compact course
Image credit: Doshisha Corporation

You can also arrange it into the long course – a simple continuous slide that delivers the noodles straight down – or into the compact course, which helps you save space should you not want to overcrowd your dining table.

nagashi somen slide - adjustable
Image credit: Doshisha Corporation

Those who are more creative can customise their own course – the height and angle of the slides can be individually adjusted.

nagashi somen slide - colander
Image credit: PR Times

The bamboo slide comes with a colander that catches the noodles and drains the water, as well as trays that can be used to hold toppings for your noodles.

Nagashi somen slide makes eating noodles exciting

The nagashi somen slide creates a fun atmosphere for slurping up refreshing cold noodles, especially during the tiresome summer heat. Will your chopstick skills, however, be up for this challenge?

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Cover image adapted from: PR Times