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7-Eleven Japan Rolls Out Hologram Registers To Facilitate No-Contact Self-Checkouts

7-11 Japan hologram registers

Earlier this month, 7-11 Japan rolled out hologram self-checkout registers that will have you feeling like Sword Art Online’s Kirito when you tap the holographic menus to check out your items. 

No-contact self-checkout registers

japan hologram registers - visual -
Image credit: 株式会社アスカネット

Dubbed “空中ディスプレイPOS”, which translates to “aerial display POS”, these hologram registers are the first of its kind in the world.

These registers are an efficient way to minimise the spread of viruses as customers don’t have to come in close contact with shared surfaces and other people in order to complete their purchase.

How the hologram registers work 

Based on the walkthrough video uploaded onto 7-11 Japan’s YouTube channel, the hologram registers seem easy to navigate.

japan hologram registers - payment
Image adapted from: セブン&アイ・ホールディングス 公式チャンネル

Customers simply have to scan their items before proceeding to tap – albeit mid-air – on the holographic screen to make their payment.

japan hologram registers - privacy
Image adapted from: セブン&アイ・ホールディングス 公式チャンネル

The video also shows that the display is only visible from the user’s point of view, which ensures the user’s privacy.

You can watch the full video here:

Video credit: セブン&アイ・ホールディングス 公式チャンネル

The companies behind this technology

japan hologram registers - parts
Image credit: 株式会社アスカネット

The hologram registers are part of a project by six different companies that joined hands to combine and share their technology and the materials needed for the hologram registers. 

The company behind the POS payment system is Toshiba Tec, a Japan-based company that deals with electrical machinery. 

The hologram registers were first rolled out on 1 Feb 2022 as part of a trial to gauge the public’s response.

7-11 Japan launches hologram registers from the future

Japan does it again – bringing us one step closer to the amazing technology of the future that is shown in anime. Perhaps one day, we will be able to tap on similar hologram screens everywhere we go, just like Kirito in the popular Japanese anime Sword Art Online.

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Cover image adapted from: A-1 Pictures & 株式会社アスカネット