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Japan Now Has A Chicken Burger With Strawberry & Cream, Combines Savoury & Sweet In An Unholy Union 

Strawberry & cream burger in Japan

From ice cream ramen to blue curry, Japan never fails to surprise us with their wacky culinary creations. Enter the latest contender: the strawberry and cream burger by Lucky Rocky Chicken, a Japanese fast food joint that specialises in buttermilk fried chicken.

Fried chicken burger with a twist

strawberry burger - strawberry and cream burger
Image credit: @luckyrockychicken

Lucky Rocky Burger – a fast food joint that specialises in fried chicken burgers – released a Strawberry and Cream burger (¥480, ~USD4.17) that is only available for a limited time until 14th March. 

The sweet and savoury item is a dessert-like burger that combines buttermilk fried chicken with strawberry jam and buttermilk sauce.

strawberry burger - pancake burger
Image credit: @luckyrockychicken

The burger joint has also collaborated with Chigusa, a Japanese sweets shop, to offer dorakawa (sweet pancakes) strawberry and cream burgers for those who want to take their unholy meal to the next level.

The Strawberry and Cream Dorakawa burger (¥480, ~USD4.17) is an interesting Japanese take on classic American burgers. The sweetness of the dorakawa complements the savoury spiciness of the buttermilk fried chicken.

Special buttermilk recipe jam-packed with spices

strawberry burger - buttermilk fried chicken burger
Image credit: Lucky Rocky Chicken

Don’t judge the restaurant by their unique yet controversial creation – Lucky Rocky Burger actually specialises in buttermilk fried chicken. They use chicken soaked in buttermilk overnight, then coated in batter and deep-fried to a crispy perfection for their decadently tender burgers.

strawberry burger - spices
Image credit: Lucky Rocky Chicken

On top of that, the fried chicken batter consists of 12 different spices, so that each bite you take is jam-packed with flavour.

Other interesting flavours

strawberry burger - mala chilli pepper burger
Image credit: @luckyrockychicken

Besides strawberries and cream, Lucky Rocky Chicken has other interesting flavours such as the Mala Chilli Pepper burger (¥620, ~USD5.39), for those who want their burgers to have a spicy kick.

strawberry burger - teriyaki burger
Image credit: @luckyrockychicken

If you’re itching for a fusion burger, try their Teriyaki burger (¥450, ~USD5.31)

Or opt for their Original Buttermilk Chicken burger (¥500, ~USD4.35) if you’re spoiled for choices and can’t decide. After all, you can’t go wrong with their specialty – the original burger.

Strawberry and cream burger could be the next food trend

It seems as though sweet and savoury dishes have been trending as of late; perhaps strawberry and cream burgers will be the next big food trend.

The burger is only available for a limited time, so be sure to try it before it is removed from their menu on 14th March 2022.

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Cover image adapted from: Uber Eats & @luckyrockychicken