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McDonald’s Japan Releases Sakura Mochi Pie With Delicious Red Bean Filling & Chewy Mochi

McDonald’s Japan sakura mochi pie

Spring is finally upon us, which means it’s cherry blossom season in Japan. To commemorate this beautiful phenomenon, McDonald’s Japan is releasing a sakura mochi pie, just in time for the season. 

Inspired by a traditional Japanese sweet

sakura mochi pie - sakura mochi
Image credit: @daikokuya_wagashi

Mcdonald’s sakura mochi pie is inspired by sakura mochi, which is a type of wagashi (和菓子; traditional Japanese sweet) that is popular during spring.

The traditional Japanese confectionery consists of rice cake with azuki (あずき; red bean) paste filling wrapped in a pickled cherry blossom leaf.

Delicious red bean and mochi filling

sakura mochi pie - visual
Image credit: @McDonaldsJapan

In order to replicate the flavours of the traditional wagashi, Mcdonald’s sakura mochi pie is filled with azuki paste and mochi that contains pickled sakura leaves. The sweetness of the azuki provides the perfect accompaniment to the chewy mochi.

Besides the pretty pink visuals, the pie’s extra crispy crust makes this an addictive treat to munch on while you enjoy the hanami (花見; flower viewing).

McDonald’s sakura mochi pie is perfect for spring

sakura mochi pie - price
Image credit: @McDonaldsJapan

The sakura mochi pie is priced at ¥150 (~USD 1.26) and will go on sale from 23rd March 2022 till mid April.

If you are currently in Japan, be sure to try the sakura mochi pie to welcome the cherry blossom-filled spring season.

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Cover image adapted from: @McDonaldsJapan