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Japan’s Edible Melon Bun Masks Said To Prevent COVID-19, Will Also Ease Your Hunger Pangs

Melon bun masks

If lamps being made from real bread aren’t peculiar enough, meet Japan’s newest strategy to counter COVID-19 – melon bun masks. These bread masks will make its user forget about smelling their own bad breath by immersing them in the therapeutic aroma of bread instead.

And the best part of it all is that the masks are actually edible – though that’s at your own discretion.

Made in collaboration with a melon bun shop

melon bun masks - man wearing mask pan
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PR Times

The melon bun mask is the brainchild of Goku no Kimochi THE LABO, a division under Goku no Kimochi. Goku no Kimochi is a company that manages several massage parlours in Japan. 

Although it sounds lowkey dodgy, the company is actually quite innovative in the product development department – in January, they rolled out a cosmetic lotion developed from gardening products. Now, in June, they are launching melon bread masks.

The final product was completed in collaboration with Melon de melon, a bakery that specialises in making melon pan (メロンパン; melon bread).

melon bun masks - melon de melon
Image credit: PR Times

Officially called “Mask Pan” – “pan” means “bread” in Japanese – these unique masks are bound to earn you double takes when worn in public.

Video credit: 悟空のきもち。

Edible melon bun masks supposedly effective against COVID-19

melon bun masks - 2 girls with mask pan
Image credit: PR Times

Besides making for a strong fashion statement, these melon bun masks are actually edible. Because of this, the masks have to be delivered via refrigerated shipping and are only safe for use for a day after thawing. However, the creators advise against consuming the outer part of the mask – if it has been worn outdoors – as there’s risk of catching a viral infection.

droplet transfer test
Image credit: PR Times

But more shockingly, the masks are actually effective in keeping you safe from COVID-19. Goku no Kimochi THE LABO invited an external research party to test the masks’ capability in preventing droplet transmission.

commercial mask effectiveness
Effectiveness of commercial masks in preventing droplet transfer
Image credit: PR Times

The results of the test were promising. Mask Pan is certified to be as effective as – or more effective than – current masks available on the market.

mask pan effectiveness
Effectiveness of Mask Pan in preventing droplet transfer
Image credit: PR Times

However, the creators have noted that if you’ve eaten away parts of the mask’s inner layer, the mask’s effectiveness would decrease. This is not surprising – you’re literally thinning your mask by eating it, after all.

Get these melon bun masks for yourself

The melon bun masks are sold in sets of 5 for ¥1,800 (~USD16.45) and you can purchase them here. Sales begin on 10th June and the next shipment will be in early-July. The waiting time is about a month. If you feel hungry before your masks arrive, try baking yourself some melon buns using our bread recipes first.

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Cover image adapted from: @petit_lapin47 and PR Times