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Japanese Clay Artist Turns Iconic Animal Memes Into Mini Sculptures That Are Purr-Fect As Room Deco

Clay artist Meetissai makes animal meme sculptures

The animal kingdom has its fair share of memes. While these memes may go viral temporarily, a particular Japanese clay artist seals their eternal glory by turning them into hilarious mini sculptures. Said clay artist is Meetissai, and you can view their sublime animal meme sculptures on Twitter.

Clay artist Meetissai recreates iconic animal memes in 3D

Going by the pseudonym of “Meetissai”, the Japanese clay artist recreates iconic animal photos in the form of mini clay sculptures using stone powder clay and epoxy putty, which is a kind of adhesive that hardens at room temperature. Their works have become as popular as the meme references they use, and their Twitter followers currently stands at over 224,500.

Meetissai meme sculptures - half-cat meme
Original photo and the popular photo edit that went viral
Image adapted from: @sinkun1007 and @meetissai

Their latest work is based on the hilarious buff half-cat meme, which is a popular edit of a photo featuring a cat with seemingly invisible hind legs.

Meetissai meme sculptures - buff half-cat sculpture
Image credit: @meetissai

Turning a 2D image into 3D means there’s room for artistic interpretation. For Meetissai, they certainly made the buff half-cat even more menacing by providing it with a well-defined rear.

Meetissai meme sculptures - rear of buff half-cat sculpture
Image credit: @meetissai

This latest post has gained over 38,200 likes and 7,500 retweets on Twitter as of 7th June 2021, making it yet another viral piece of work Meetissai has created.

Meetissai meme sculptures - spa cat cucumber meme
Image adapted from: @meetissai and @meetissai

If you need a good laugh on a dreary day, do scroll through Meetissai’s collection of works on Twitter. You’d find many other notable creations, such as a sculpture of ginger cat taking a relaxing spa, as well as the “Frisbee Doge” meme cementing the tragic moment when a dog was hit by a frisbee.

Meetissai meme sculptures - frisbee doge
Image adapted from: u/ozoneone and @meetissai

You can feast your eyes on this hunky dog-man sculpture too, which was inspired by an aptly angled photo taken of a dog by Twitter user @LLside_11.

Meetissai meme sculptures - hunky dog-man
Image adapted from: @LLsize_11 and @meetissai

Speaking of well-angled photos, Meetissai also recreated a lady with an ostrich head, drawing reference to a funny and unfortunately angled photo taken of a lady riding an ostrich.

Meetissai meme sculptures - ostrich woman
Image adapted from: @meetissai and @meetissai

Buy their works to decorate your room

Meetissai sells some of their work online. This means that while others are still using animal memes as mere reaction stickers on WhatsApp and Telegram, you can use these memes differently – by decorating your room with their 3D versions.

3 frisbee doge sculptures
Image credit: MetaMatter

The prices of the sculptures go from ¥1,400 (~USD12.78) for the Frisbee Doge to ¥3,400 (~USD31.03) for a cat with a cow body – a reference to a photo in which a cat emerges from behind the computer monitor and blended in with the image of a cow shown on the screen.

cow to cat meme sculpture
Image credit: MetaMatter

You can view the full catalogue here.

Meetissai is also selling a 144-page book on Amazon, titled The Art of めーちっさい. It showcases their works and documents the creation process behind some of the pieces.

meetissai art book page
A page from Meetissai’s book
Image credit: 玄光社

Though it’s only available in Japanese, the book has many visuals that you can appreciate despite the language barrier. You can purchase the book here.

Follow Meetissai for more hilarious animal meme sculptures

To get your daily dose of humour, do check out Meetissai’s Twitter account where you can witness more interesting memes come to life.

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Cover image adapted from: @meetissai and @meetissai