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Yokohama Hotel Turns Into An Airsoft Game Arena, Gamers Can Flex Their FPS Skills IRL

Yokohama hotel airsoft game arena

First-person shooter (FPS) games are fun when played on the computer screen, but they are even more thrilling when played in the real world. Steady your hands and watch out for your blind spots at New City, a survival game arena converted from a Yokohama hotel that was negatively impacted by COVID-19.

Capsule hotel turned into a game arena

New City was once a hotel with sauna services for the elderly. Unfortunately, like many other entertainment and accommodation services, the hotel was badly affected by COVID-19 and had to close its doors in March 2020.

yokohama hotel airsoft - group photo airsoft
Image credit: @machi_pr

But it was not game over yet for the strong-willed owner. Instead of letting his hotel succumb to the pandemic, he collaborated with Get@City – an airsoft-themed bar – to rebrand the place into a survival game arena suitable for exciting airsoft battles. Airsoft is a competitive team shooting game similar to paintball.

Thus far, the hotel has hosted 2 airsoft rounds. It will be hosting its 3rd round on 13th June, from 10AM-8PM. You can check out the official details here.

How the airsoft survival games work

yokohama hotel airsoft - 3 men airsoft
Image credit: @get_at_city

Official announcements of upcoming airsoft rounds will be released on Get@City’s Twitter account. Sign-ups are done through direct messages on Twitter.

rifle man airsoft
Image credit: @taisyou9319

On the day itself, the participants will be sorted into different teams to battle it out. The last group standing will emerge victorious.

airsoft participant
Image credit: @machi_pr

There are various non-lethal rifles, handheld guns, gas bombs, and bullets available for rental at different prices. 

According to the prices for the 3rd airsoft round, a single-shot handgun costs ¥1,000 (~USD9.13), a single-shot rifle costs ¥1,500 (~USD13.70), while a rifle that can fire continuously costs ¥2,000 (~USD18.27).

Where to find Yokohama hotel-turned-airsoft-arena New City

It’s heartening to see that New City has been able to emerge stronger from the pandemic through such creative ways. If you’re in Japan, do catch the next round of airsoft at this unique hotel.

Address: 53 Nishidori, Fukutomichonishi, Naka-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa

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