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Felissimo’s Hamster Pouches With Squishy Round Bois Will Have You Squeaking In Excitement

Felissimo hamster pouches

Felissimo first had a Touken Ranbu collaboration to satisfy samurai sword lovers, then they offered all prospective Hogwarts students a magical school outfit. This time, the online retailer is offering all hamster lovers a chance to flaunt their love for their furry friends with these hamster pouches.

3 hamster pouch designs available

Felissimo hamster pouch - 3 designs
Image credit: Felissimo

These hamster pouches can be used as cosmetic pouches, keeping your makeup products safe and orderly. There are 3 designs available.

trio design
Image credit: Felissimo

One of the designs features a trio of golden hamsters huddled together, as if they’re desperately trying to peer out of the pouch.

hamster duo design
Image credit: Felissimo

Another design features an adorable pair of grey hamsters – one of them clearly lacks a sense of spatial awareness while the other seems to be cutely resigned to its fate.

1 hamster design
Image credit: Felissimo

Finally, the last design has a sole adventuring hamster that stares at you curiously while licking the side of the pouch, as if it wants to be fed this instance.

back view trio hamster pouch
Image credit: Felissimo

The hamsters in the pouches are actual 3D plushies, unlike most other pouches that merely feature 2D printing for the designs. Because these pouches are transparent, you can enjoy the view of our furry buddies from every angle.

The 3D hamster plushies are nestled in a bed of “sawdust”, and they sure look comfortable. Oh, to be a fake hamster in a pouch.

Details of the Felissimo hamster pouches

lady holding up hamster pouch
Image credit: Felissimo

The clear pouches measure 11cm x 16cm x 6cm. The outer layer is made of thermoplastic polyurethane and 100% polyester, while the hamster plushie is made of 95% polyester and 5% polyurethane. The sawdust filling is made of 100% polyester.

Get a Felissimo hamster pouch for yourself

Each pouch costs ¥2,750 (~USD25.05) and you can order them here. As these hamster pouches are under Felissimo’s “Limited Collection” series, you unfortunately cannot choose the design when you order. 

Instead, sales for the 3 designs will rotate monthly. 1 of the 3 designs will go on sale for a month, before switching to another design the following month. This means that if you order 2 pouches at once, for example, both pouches’ designs will be the same.

Therefore, if you would like to procure 2 or all 3 designs for the collection, you would need to wait for your 1st order of hamster pouch to arrive before placing your next order. Otherwise, you may end up with a repeated design.

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Cover image adapted from: Felissimo and Felissimo