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teamLab Borderless Holds Last Sakura Exhibition Before Shuttering In Aug 2022, To Reopen In 2023

teamLab Borderless closing

Come August 2022 and the fan-favourite teamLab in Odaiba, more famously known as teamLab Borderless, will be closing its doors. But before that, digital art enthusiasts can still catch one last sakura exhibition, titled Forest of Resonating Lamps. 

teamLab Borderless slated to close its doors in August 2022

A big name and purveyor in the digital arts scene, teamLab Borderless in Odaiba has attracted millions of museum-goers since its opening in 2018, even setting the Guinness World Record for being the most visited museum in the world.

Despite being a hit amongst art lovers, the museum announced its impending closure last July, as the area will be subject to massive redevelopment plans. teamLab Borderless’ last day of operations is slated to be on 31st August 2022. 

Last sakura exhibition at the venue

teamLab Borderless closing - sakura exhibition
Image credit: teamLab Borderless 

With its impending closure, this means that fans will only have a few months left to enjoy the Odaiba-exclusive digital art installations. In particular, this is our last time to enjoy teamLab’s spring exhibition at the Odaiba location.

teamLab Borderless closing - sakura exhibitionImage credit: teamLab Borderless 

Titled Forest of Resonating Lamps, teamLab Borderless’ spring exhibition pays homage to the nation’s most beloved flower – cherry blossoms. In an attempt to emulate the abundance of the spring flower and its blush hues, pink lamps are scattered throughout the room – similar to how the petals waft through the air at the peak of the season.

teamLab Borderless closing - sakura exhibitionImage credit: teamLab Borderless 

Visitors will still be able to catch one last glimpse of the spring-themed installation, which lasts till 30th April 2022. 

teamLab Borderless closing - spring exhibitionImage credit: teamLab Borderless 

While you’re there, be sure to check out the Memory of Topography as well, which not only features cherry blossoms, but also other spring flowers in full bloom. 

teamLab reopening in central Tokyo

There are plans to reopen a new teamLab museum in central Tokyo in 2023, though the official date of opening has not yet been announced. In the meantime, you can check out their other locations if you are itching for some immersive digital art. 

teamLab Borderless closing in August 2022

While it’s sad that what’s arguably the pioneer of digital art is closing down soon, we’re glad that a newer teamLab will be popping up in central Tokyo. For those who are in Japan, be sure to book your tickets in advance and pop by while you still can! 

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Cover image adapted from: teamLab Borderless