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Japanese Salaryman Details 1-Year Workout Journey To Achieve Inosuke’s Jacked Bod

Japanese salaryman Inosuke workout

Demon Slayer has no shortage of interesting characters. But even amidst a sea of characters with eye-catching features, Inosuke stands out with his well-defined muscles and boar mask. 

He’s a pretty easy character to cosplay – all you need to do is to get your hand on the mask and get seriously ripped. After a gruelling one-year journey, a Japanese salaryman has come pretty close to nailing the ultimate Inosuke cosplay – here’s how he did it.  

One year of training to become Inosuke IRL

Japanese Salaryman Inosuke Workout - before starting on workout
Before the start of his workout journey
Image credit: @InosukeWorkout 

Twitter user @InosukeWorkout, a 33-year-old self-proclaimed salaryman, recently went viral on the social media platform for the drastic transformation of his body after one year of continuous training. As his account handle suggests, he set out a challenge for himself to work out every day, until he achieved toned muscles similar to Inosuke’s. 

Japanese Salaryman Inosuke Workout - changes after one year
One year later
Image credit: @InosukeWorkout 

By the 365th day, on 28th February 2022, @InosukeWorkout came pretty close to nailing the look of the hot-headed Demon Slayer character. He lost 13.1kg and built distinct six-pack abs from one year of consistent training. 

Workout routine

Japanese Salaryman Inosuke Workout - ab wheel exercise
Image adapted from: @InosukeWorkout 

His workout regime is straight-forward – 100 reps of core-strengthening exercise using an ab wheel every day.

It might sound simple, but fitness junkies will know that it’s no easy feat. Due to the wheel’s small surface area, users are required to engage muscles from multiple parts of the body. When performed correctly and consistently, it can improve one’s core strength and help define abdominal muscles. 

Additional tips on diet and core strengthening

Of course, diet and exercise go hand in hand. According to @InosukeWorkout’s replies to his followers, he shared that he committed to a weight loss meal plan and restricted his carbohydrate intake, swopping oatmeal for white rice. Fried food and alcohol were swopped out for protein shakes. 

@InosukeWorkout assured beginners who may feel daunted by the fitness journey by saying that it will only get easier. During the first few months of training, muscle soreness was his constant companion. But now, he can pull off these intense core exercises without breaking a sweat. 

Japanese salaryman Inosuke workout journey

Despite him reaching his goal, @InosukeWorkout is planning to continue with his daily workout. To keep updated with his fitness journey, check out his account here

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Cover image adapted from: @InosukeWorkout and @InosukeWorkout