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Howl’s Moving Castle’s Calcifer Gets His Own Series Of Rings Showcasing Varied Expressions

Calcifer rings by Studio Ghibli

Studio Ghibli recently released a series of rings that feature Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle. Calcifer is Howl’s resident fire demon, who is known for his feisty personality and comical antics. The rings are a perfect representation of the adorable fiery demon in various poses and a must-have for ardent Ghibli fans.

KAZARING Calcifer rings by Studio Ghibli

calcifer rings - calcifer ring designs
Image credit: Studio Ghibli

The ring series is dubbed “KAZARING”, which combines the Japanese word kazaru (to decorate; 飾る) and ring. 

calcifer rings - calcifer ring on finger
Image credit: Studio Ghibli

This is because the ring is designed to have two functions to sit on your finger as jewellery, or to be displayed as a figurine.

calcifer rings - calcifer hugging wood
Image credit: Studio Ghibli

Adorable rings showcase Calcifer’s variety of expressions

calcifer rings - calcifer cooking eggs and bacon
Image credit: Studio Ghibli

Each ring design features a different side of Calcifer, including one of the most iconic scenes in Howl’s Moving Castle, where Calcifer is making breakfast, complete with an adorable smile. Just like in the movie, Calcifer sits confidently on the wood and cooks the bacon and eggs with his demonic flames.

Video credit: Netflix Anime

calcifer rings - calcifer hiding in fireplace
Image credit: Studio Ghibli

There is also a ring that showcases Calcifer’s timid expression as he cowers in the fireplace.

calcifer rings - shocked calcifer
Image credit: Studio Ghibli

The one with Calcifer with his mouth wide open, as if he’s too stunned to speak, is our personal favourite. His derpy, meme-able expression further solidifies his place in the fans’ hearts.

Secret ring not shown in the photos

calcifer rings - angry calcifer
Image credit: Studio Ghibli

Although there are six different rings in the KAZARING series, the secret sixth ring isn’t shown in the photos provided by Studio Ghibli.

The rings are sold in blind boxes for ¥1,100 (~USD9.26) each, and you will only know which design you got after opening the box. If you are dead set on getting the mystery ring, you can buy the whole collection of the six rings for ¥6,600 (~USD55.57).

To purchase the rings, you can find them online or at a physical Donguri Kyowakoku store, a retail chain that sells official Studio Ghibli goods.

Calcifer ring reignites our love for Howl’s Moving Castle

These rings are an adorable way to showcase our love for Calcifer, whether as an accessory or a figurine to be displayed at home.

We look forward to seeing more figure-ring collections of other characters from Studio Ghibli. Who knows, maybe we will get a Totoro one next!

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