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Studio Ghibli Releases Casual Wear So You Can Pretend To Star In Kiki’s Delivery Service

Studio Ghibli casual wear by Donguri Closet

We may not be able to travel on broomsticks or find a floating castle in the sky, but we can still feel like a Ghibli heroine with the Studio Ghibli casual wear line released by Donguri Closet. They are effortless to slip into and are great for lounging around at home.

Casual outfits inspired by Ghibli heroines

Donguri Republic is a store that creates and sells Ghibli merchandise. It has a spin-off brand called “Donguri Closet”, which focuses on creating Ghibli-themed products for adult women. Recently, they released 3 casual dresses for sale, each referencing the heroines’ looks in Kiki’s Delivery Service, The Secret World of Arrietty, and Castle In The Sky.

Studio Ghibli Donguri Closet - kiki dress
Outfit inspired by Kiki’s look.
Image adapted from: @closet_by_donguri and @closet_by_donguri

Step into the shoes of Kiki with a loose navy blue dress. It has a simple red ribbon at the back as an homage to the iconic scarlet bow Kiki wears on her head. The one-piece comes in 2 lengths, 100cm and 110cm. The width of the dress is 54cm.

sheeta dress castle in the sky
Outfit inspired by Sheeta’s look.
Image adapted from: @closet_by_donguri and @closet_by_donguri

Alternatively, opt for a lighter shade of blue with this Castle In The Sky outfit. It is inspired by the dress Sheeta wore when she first fell from the sky.

Studio Ghibli Donguri Closet - front back designs
Image adapted from: @closet_by_donguri and @closet_by_donguri

The hooded one-piece comes with embroidery on the front and back. The front design depicts the flying stone with Laputa’s national emblem, while the back shows a fox squirrel. The dimensions of the dress are 120cm lengthwise and 62cm in width.

Studio Ghibli Donguri Closet - red dress arrietty
Outfit inspired by Arrietty’s look.
Image adapted from: @closet_by_donguri and @closet_by_donguri

Lastly, Donguri Closet offers a beautiful red dress inspired by Arrietty’s look in The Secret World of Arrietty. It is 52cm-wide and 110cm-long.

Studio Ghibli Donguri Closet - red dress sleeve
Image adapted from: @closet_by_donguri 

On the sleeve, you’d find a mini embroidery of Arrietty. Meanwhile, the designs of the cuffs and hems of the dress reference the patterns of Arrietty’s bed sheets.

The 3 dresses cost ¥8,580 (~USD77.76) each.

New themed accessories

Donguri Closet also offers limited-edition accessories that can go with your casual Ghibli wear.

Studio Ghibli Donguri Closet - arrietty scrunchie
Image credit: PR Times

This includes a cute orange scrunchie (¥1,430, ~USD12.95) that complements Arrietty’s look. The flower patterns reference the flower garden in the movie.

vanity bag arrietty
Image credit: @closet_by_donguri

The orange vanity bag (¥3,300, ~USD29.88), with dimensions of 19cm x 10cm x 10cm, is also Arrietty-themed. Similar to the dress, the cosmetic bag features an embroidered Arrietty figure, and the strip of fabric near the zip was inspired by the patterns of the heroine’s bedsheets.

castle in the sky pouch
Image credit: @closet_by_donguri

Complete your Castle In The Sky look with this small light-blue pouch (¥2,530, ~USD22.91), which spans 20cm x 14.6cm x 6cm. It comes with a fox squirrel design.

Get your Studio Ghibli casual wear at Donguri Closet

You can get your Studio Ghibli casual wear and accessories at the physical Donguri Closet outlet near the West Exit of JR Kawasaki Station, or order them online here from 26th June 2021 onwards.

Address: 72-1 Lazona Kawasaki Plaza 3F, Horikawa-cho, Saiwai Ward, Kawasaki, 212-8576 Kanagawa
Opening hours: 10AM-9PM, Daily

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Cover image adapted from (left to right): @closet_by_donguri, @closet_by_donguri and @closet_by_donguri