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Akihabara Game Centre Adores Building 2 Closes Down; Netizens Worry For The District’s Future

Adores Akihabara Building 2 closes down

Akihabara is known as the hub of Japanese pop culture. There, you’d find an impressive selection of entertainment services, with arcade games being one of them. These games are typically housed in buildings known as game centres.

The Adores Akihabara Building 2 is a beloved game centre that opened in 2012. Sadly, it will not be celebrating its 10th anniversary – the arcade building is closing on 30th June 2021. The culprit behind it is none other than the long-running pandemic.

Adores announces closure

Adores Akihabara Building 2 - entrance
Image credit: Adores

Located a 1-minute walk away from the Electric Town Exit of Akihabara Station, Adores Akihabara Building 2 is situated in a prime location with great accessibility. 

Adores Akihabara Building 2 - prizes
Image credit: @ad_akiba2

The 4-floor game centre features many claw machines that offer a variety of prizes, from stuffed toys to anime merchandise. This appeals to many anime fans and people who love cute things in general.

Adores Akihabara Building 2 - building at night
Image credit: 三月March

Unfortunately, the drastic drop in tourist numbers and the general apprehension of heading outdoors during the COVID-19 period has affected many entertainment services in Japan – Adores was no exception.

official closure notice
Image credit: @ad_akiba2

On 14th June 2021, the official Twitter account of Adores Akihabara Building 2 announced that the game centre will be closing down on 30th June 2021. The notice reads, “Thank you for your continued patronage. Due to various circumstances, we will be closing our stores on 30th June 2021. We are deeply grateful for your patronage for such a long time.”

The game centre was opened in September 2012, and would have celebrated its 10th year anniversary in 2022.

Netizens worry about Akihabara’s future

The closure announcement has sparked a wave of sadness amongst Japanese netizens.

twitter reactions
Image adapted from: @nanovile, @YMNB36 and @GATX42S

Some were concerned over this worrying series of closures in the game centre industry. Twitter users, such as @nanovile and @YMNB36, lamented how game centres may completely disappear from Akihabara soon. Another user, @GATX42S, soberingly pointed out that the game centre industry is in danger.

Adores Akihabara Building 2 - twitter reactions
Image adapted from: @Skip_enon_819 and @kukonomi_khk_7

Meanwhile, others are worried about the erosion of Akihabara’s current culture. Twitter user @Skip_enon_819 mourns, “Due to COVID-19, Akihabara is slowly becoming an unfamiliar district……” Another user, @kukonomi_khk_7, adds, “The old Akihabara is dying……” 

twitter reaction
Image adapted from: @abepanmanz

Worries have also grown over Akihabara’s future. Twitter user @abepanmanz commented woefully that “Akihabara is slowly declining……”

Not the 1st game centre building to go in Akihabara

The netizens’ concerns are not unfounded. After all, the Adores Akihabara Building 2 is not the 1st game centre to close because of the pandemic. 2 other prominent arcade hubs in Akihabara have also shuttered over the past year since COVID-19 started.

sega building number 2
Image credit: @i_am_pana_

On 30th August 2020, the iconic Sega Akihabara Building 2 – informally known as Akihabara GiGo – closed its doors after close to 17 years of operations. It was a beloved game centre that housed popular offerings such as the Kantai Collection arcade game.

adores akihabara building 1
Image credit: @Oneup_2nd

2 months later, Adores Akihabara Building 1 ceased operations fully on 8th November 2020. The 10-storey building was known for housing karaoke services.

empty adores building
Emptied Adores Akihabara Building 1
Image credit: @esper

Adores Akihabara Building 2 closing down

Some industries have more room to innovate and break out of the COVID-19 slump. This is exemplified by a Yokohama hotel that has managed to turn itself into an airsoft arena to generate profit. However, the game centre industry has a much harder time adjusting to the pandemic restrictions as it is difficult to use their pre-existing facilities for other purposes.

We can only hope that the remaining game centres will be able to hang in there and tide through this difficult period. If you’re in Japan, consider supporting these struggling arcade buildings before another victim joins the closure list. Do also visit Adores Akihabara Building 2 before it shuts down permanently on 30th June.

Address: 1 Chome-13-1 Sotokanda, Chiyoda City, 101-0021 Tokyo
Opening hours: 10AM-10PM, Daily (During Tokyo’s state of emergency)
Telephone: 03-5298-1291

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