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Musubi’s Exquisite Japanese Tableware Lets You Dine Like A Man Of Culture

Musubi Kiln traditional tableware

Featuring popular Edo-period paintings and classic motifs such as the sakura, Musubi Kiln’s traditional tableware is all about classical Japanese aesthetics. Forgo your plain plates and mugs and consider these beautiful hand-painted alternatives instead.

Musubi Kiln finally available online 

Musubi Kiln opened up an online shop recently. This means that their products, ranging from sake cups to plates, can now be ordered online.

Musubi Japanese Tableware - hokusai kanagawa the great wave sauce plate
Image credit:
Musubi Kiln

One of their bestsellers is the Hokusai Wave Kutani Sauce Plate (¥1,300, ~USD11.80), which features the popular woodblock print The Great Wave off Kanagawa, by Katsushika Hokusai. 

Musubi Japanese Tableware - hokusai the great wave plates
Image adapted from: Musubi Kiln and Musubi Kiln

Pair the sauce plate with other tableware, such as the Hokusai Wave Kutani Round Plate (¥12,500, ~USD113.45) and the Hokusai Wave Kutani Rectangle Plate (¥12,500, ~USD113.45), to create a gorgeous dining set.

Musubi Japanese Tableware - hokusai the great wave mug
Image credit:
Musubi Kiln

Then, complete the Hokusai Wave tableware collection with the Hokusai Wave Kutani Mug (¥9,500, ~USD86.21).

Musubi Japanese Tableware - fish-shaped cat plates
Cat plate and sauce plate
Image adapted from: Musubi Kiln and Musubi Kiln

If you love cats, Musubi Kiln also has many products featuring feline companions. This includes the fish-shaped Harekurani Cat Plate (¥3,300, ~USD29.94) and its accompanying Harekutani Cat Sauce Plate (¥2,250, ~USD20.42).

Musubi Japanese Tableware - chopsticks
Image credit:
Musubi Kiln

Elevate your dining experience with a pair of Kutani Color Chopsticks (¥1,200, ~USD10.89). There are 15 designs to choose from, each showcasing a different aspect of traditional Japanese aesthetic.

Musubi Japanese Tableware - chopstick and rest
Image credit: Musubi Kiln

To complement your chopsticks, consider getting a matching Kutani Color Chopstick Rest (¥1,000, ~USD9.07). There are 20 designs to choose from, including 10 designs that match those of the chopsticks.

Musubi Japanese Tableware - bird tea set
Sake set and teapot
Image adapted from: Musubi Kiln and Musubi Kiln

Sake and tea are staple drinks in Japan. Musubi Kiln offers complementing tableware for them – the Yoshidaya Sakura and Bird Kutani Sake Set (¥8,500, ~USD77.14) and the Yoshidaya Sakura and Bird Kutani Teapot (¥7,500, ~USD68.07).

Overall, Musubi Kiln offers many products with different traditional Japanese aesthetics. View their full catalogue here.

About Musubi Kiln

Musubi Japanese Tableware - set of hand painted plates
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Based in Tokyo, Musubi Kiln is a brand that focuses on promoting traditional Japanese tableware to the world. The company believes in animism – the idea that all non-living things also have spirits. Therefore, by adding their beautiful tableware to your dining tables, you’re essentially creating “your own little world” in your dining area.

Musubi Japanese Tableware - cat mugs and mitarashi dango
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Moreover, musubi (結び) means to “unite”. Living up to its company name, Musubi Kiln hopes that you can achieve a harmonious dining set aesthetic using their tableware.

Get your traditional tableware from Musubi Kiln 

You can purchase your desired tableware from Musubi Kiln’s online store here. You can toggle the currency display at the bottom of the webpage to view the products’ prices in your country’s currency.

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