Sea Otter pouch by Felissimo

Sea otters are not only adorable in appearance, but also in the way they behave – they put their paws on their cheeks, and hold hands with each other as they sleep. The Sea Otter Pouch by Felissimo allows you to recreate these cute sea otter antics while serving a practical purpose.

Adorable sea otter pouches

sea otter pouch - adorable otter
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Felissimo’s YOU+MORE! department recently released their latest product: an adorable pouch that looks like a sea otter.

The Sea Otter Pouch was designed to not just look adorable, but also replicate the unique features of real otters.

sea otter pouch - paw on cheek
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Sea otters aren’t trying to win our hearts when they place their paws on their cheeks – they’re actually trying to keep their fur-less palms warm.

The pouch allows you to replicate this adorable pose by having built-in magnets in the paws and cheeks so that you can stick them together.

sea otter pouch - holding hands
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Sea otters tend to hold paws when they’re sleeping so that they won’t drift away from each other in the ocean. The magnetic paws of the pouch also allows you to recreate that cute and wholesome moment by making them hold hands.

sea otter pouch - saggy skin
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But that’s not all. The Sea Otter Pouch has a felt appliqué designed to replicate the saggy skin underneath the armpit of a sea otter. Sea otters use this saggy skin as a pocket to store food or small objects.

sea otter pouch - fabric kelp
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sea otter pouch - kelp key ring
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The Sea Otter Pouch also comes with a detachable fabric kelp key ring. You can use to wrap around the pouch, just like how sea otters wrap themselves with kelp to prevent getting swept away by sea currents when they are sleeping.

sea otter pouch - measurements
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The pouch measures 18cm x 7cm, and it’s suitable for storing small accessories or cosmetics. You can purchase it for ¥2,970 (~USD27.12).

About Felissimo YOU+MORE!

sea otter pouch - seal cushion
Seal Cushion
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YOU+MORE! is a department in Felissimo that strives to make everyday life more enjoyable and fun by coming up with cute and interesting designs. 

sea otter pouch - omelette rice pouch & glass stained umbrella
From left to right: Omelette Rice Pouch and Stained Glass Umbrella.
Image adapted from: Felissimo and Felissimo

Apart from cute animal goods like the Sea Otter Pouch or the Seal Cushion (¥6,820, ~USD62.25), YOU+MORE! also sells other interesting items, such as the Omelette Rice Pouch (¥2,750, ~USD25.10) and the Stained Glass Umbrella (¥1,980, ~USD18.07).

Visit their official website to see more wacky products.

Purchase the adorable Sea Otter Pouch

You can purchase the adorable Sea Otter Pouch on the official website for Felissimo, which offers international delivery. If you are interested in the latest updates on their products, you can also follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

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Cover image adapted from: Felissimo and Felissimo

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