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Felissimo’s The Great Wave Scratcher Offers A Majestic Background For Your Cat’s Afternoon Nap 

Felissimo The Great Wave scratcher for cats

Cat lovers would agree on one thing: felines deserve the best that money can buy. As such, the Cat Club of Felissimo is giving all cat owners a chance to pamper their cars with a The Great Wave scratcher. The beautiful scratching board will make your cat’s afternoon nap seem like a work of art itself.

Felissimo’s The Great Wave scratcher for cats

Felissimo has multiple subdivisions. There’s the Cat Club, which is all about making cat-themed products. There’s also the Museum Club, which focuses on all things related to Japan’s traditional culture.

These 2 departments appear vastly dissimilar initially. But in June, the most unexpected crossover happened.

felissimo great wave cat scratcher
Image credit: @felissimonekobu

The 2 departments came together to create a beautiful cat scratcher inspired by the iconic The Great Wave off Kanagawa.

felissimo great wave cat scratcher - cat scratching
Image credit: @felissimonekobu

The scratcher is made of corrugated fibreboard, which allows your cat to scratch and sharpen its claws to its heart’s content.

felissimo great wave cat scratcher - cat nap
Image credit: @felissimonekobu

The roughly 20cm-wide wavy platform also makes for a comfortable cat-napping spot. Meanwhile, the approximately 40cm x 59cm backdrop of The Great Wave will transform your cat’s ordinary snooze into a sublime sight.

felissimo great wave cat scratcher - floor living room
Image credit: @felissimonekobu

The aesthetic cat scratcher costs ¥9,875 (~USD88.89). For each scratcher sold, ¥250 (~USD2.25) will be donated to the Felissimo Cat Fund. The fund goes towards helping cats in need.

About the Felissimo Cat Club

Known officially as the Neko-Bu (猫部), the Felissimo Cat Club works towards creating a society where mankind and cats can co-exist blissfully.

cat umbrella tags
Cat-themed umbrella tags
Image credit: Felissimo

Like other Felissimo departments, the Cat Club has a slew of fascinating themed products under their product collection, ranging from cute umbrella tags to lip glosses. You can view their product catalogue here.

cat lip gloss
Cat lip gloss
Image credit: Felissimo

The Cat Club also publishes interesting and heartwarming stories about our feline friends on their website.

felissimo great wave cat scratcher - instagram
Image adapted from: Instagram

Meanwhile, we highly recommend following their Instagram page for cute and derpy cat images that are meme-worthy in our opinion.

Buy the Felissimo The Great Wave scratcher for your cat

You can purchase Felissimo’s The Great Wave scratcher here. If you’re looking for more ways to indulge your cat, you can give the cardboard cat shrine a go too.

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Cover image adapted from: @felissimonekobu and @felissimonekobu