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Felissimo’s Karaage Cushions Let You Cuddle Fried Chicken In Bed, Is Every Foodie’s Dream Come True

Felissimo’s karaage cushions

We’ve all been there – having intense midnight cravings and hitting the bed in a bid to stop the hunger pangs, only to be awakened in the wee hours by your growling stomach. Well, you can now go to bed with your late-night cravings satisfied with Felissimo’s new karaage cushions, sans calories. 

Realistic fried chicken cushion

Felissimo’s karaage cushions - woman lying on a bed with karaage ad lemon cushion
Image credit: Felissimo

Felissimo recently released karaage cushions under their lifestyle range YOU+MORE! on 23rd October 2020. Karaage (唐揚げ) is essentially marinated chicken that has been deep fried to golden brown perfection. It’s a popular staple in Japanese eateries, restaurants, and in bentō boxes. 

Felissimo’s karaage cushions - karaage and lemon cushions
Image credit: Felissimo

The cushions have all the defining features of a good piece of karaage down to a tee, from the bumpy, crackly bits to a golden brown exterior. All that’s missing is the scent of fried chicken.  

Felissimo’s karaage cushions - sliding a smartphone into the cushion's pocket
Image credit: Felissimo

While the cushions can’t replicate the fragrance of freshly fried karaage, Felissimo has got you covered on the audio front. They’ve included pockets in which you can slot your phones – loop this audio clip of the soothing sounds of sizzling fried chicken to guarantee a good night’s sleep. 

3 designs in a set

Felissimo’s karaage cushions - design 1
Image credit: Felissimo

We’re no karaage connoisseurs, but according to Felissimo, karaage comes in 3 types. Chicken pieces that are on the skinnier side and hence are easier to eat fall under the 1st type. 

Felissimo’s karaage cushions - design 2
Image credit: Felissimo

There’s also a design which is described asthe coveted piece that you’ll want to save for the last to savour at the end”, which is oddly specific, but to each their own. This, according to the brand, is the 2nd type.

Felissimo’s karaage cushions - design 3
Image credit: Felissimo

The collection also includes the perfect karaage cushion, one with “a good ratio of fat and meat that will make for the perfect bite” – the 3rd type. 

Felissimo’s karaage cushions - lemon cushion
Image credit: Felissimo

To get your hands on one, it seems like you’d have to purchase the whole set. The set comprises the 3 aforementioned designs and retails at ¥9,900 (~USD94.49) after tax. Orders can be placed on their international website and delivery will be made monthly, with a different design delivered each time.

From now till 31st March 2021, Felissimo will throw in a lemon plushie – as the dish is typically served with a wedge of lemon – which will be delivered along with the last karaage cushion.

Past food-themed products

Felissimo’s karaage cushions - sexy daikon plushie
Image credit: Felissimo

“YOU+MORE!” is pronounced as “ユーモア” (yuumoa), which sounds similar to the way the loanword “humour” is pronounced in Japanese. This lifestyle range under Felissimo has no shortage of wacky and out-of-the-box plushies. Take this sexy daikon (radish) plushie that is casually sipping on wine for example. 

Felissimo’s karaage cushions - ebi fry umbrella
Image credit: Felissimo

On days when it’s grey and gloomy, whip out this delectable ebi fry (Japanese fried shrimp) umbrella for a bit of fun and colour.

Felissimo’s karaage cushions - kombu towel
Image credit: Felissimo

Kombu (Japanese kelp), a quintessential ingredient in Japanese cuisine, is so versatile that it is not only used in cooking, but also as towels. 

Felissimo’s karaage cushions

With seemingly no end to the COVID-19 pandemic in sight, most of us can only dream of travelling to Japan to enjoy fresh piping hot karaage. Felissimo’s karaage cushions may be the closest thing to the real deal, so snuggle away. 

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Cover image adapted from: Felissimo