Japanese shopping bag with negi holder

Negi (葱; spring onion) is a popular ingredient used in Japanese dishes. But due to its long cylindrical shape, the leek-like vegetable is prone to falling out of grocery bags. Recently, a shopping bag has gone viral as it has a special feature that solves this problem – a mini strip, dubbed the “negi holder”, that stops the vegetable from being jostled out of the bag.

Shopping bag with a negi holder

negi holder - carrying negi in a normal bagImage credit: @sumiyo_hydelove

Carrying negi in a normal grocery bag can be a challenge because much of the long vegetable ends up protruding from the bag.

negi holder - viral tweet about negi holder
Image adapted from: @arakemo_yoruno

On 5th April 2021, Twitter user @arakemo_yoruno shared about a life-changing shopping bag that will resolve this problem. It contains a feature the OP dubs as “revolutionary” – a negi holder.

negi holder - shopping bag with negi holderImage adapted from: @arakemo_yoruno and @arakemo_yoruno

The negi holder is a small horizontal strip on the inside of the shopping bag. It allows users to slot the negi in, effectively strapping it to the shopping bag.

This tweet by @arakemo_yoruno went viral, garnering 21k retweets and 79.6k likes as of 8th April 2021. 

Netizens rave about the negi holder

negi holder - netizen reaction tweet
Image adapted from: @sumiyo_hydelove

Many netizens have reacted positively to the bag. Twitter user @sumiyo_hydelove commented how it’s great that carrying negi will no longer be a nerve-wrecking task and agreed that the feature is indeed “revolutionary”.

negi holder - twitter netizen reaction
Image adapted from: @_motokinoyome_

Meanwhile, Twitter user @_motokinoyome_ commented how they have always folded the negi in half before putting it in the shopping bag. They expressed their wish to own this bag so that they no longer have to do so.

negi holder - screenshot of negi holder featured on ameba newsImage adapted from: @morita_tsuyoshi

The negi holder was so sensational that it even made it onto Ameba News, which is a 24-hour news channel in Japan. 

Where to buy the shopping bag

placing groceries in the shopping bag
Image credit: THUNDERBOX,

The shopping bag can be purchased from an online store called THUNDERBOX. Each bag measures 33cm × 35cm × 10cm and its printed design is available in 3 colours – light blue, red, and black. The reusable bag is made of 100% polyethylene, which is quite sturdy.

different colours of the shopping bagImage adapted from: THUNDERBOX, THUNDERBOX, THUNDERBOX

The bags are priced at ¥2,200 (~USD20.05) each. Click here to purchase a negi holder shopping bag for yourself.

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