Hello Kitty Smile in Japan

If you are a fan of Hello Kitty or all things Sanrio, you may have been to Sanrio Puroland, an indoor theme park in Tokyo. However, many fans are unaware of the existence of Hello Kitty Smile, a themed resort on Awaji island.

hello kitty smile - exterior
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Located in the south of Japan, Awaji Island is home to Hello Kitty Smile, themed resort dedicated to the cat who doesn’t identify as a cat. Visitors can indulge in Hello Kitty-themed food and reside in Hello Kitty-themed hotels. There is also an indoor Hello Kitty exhibition, which you can find by locating the huge Hello Kitty head nestled in the centre of a long white building.

Take a shot every time we say “Hello Kitty”.

hello kitty smile - statue
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Before heading into the exhibition, visit the popular photo spot outside the building and snag a photo with the giant Hello Kitty head.

Otohime Ryugu Castle

hello kitty smile - Otohime Ryugu Castle
Image credit: 【公式】HELLO KITTY SMILE(ハローキティスマイル)

The Otohime Ryugu Castle is a Hello Kitty-themed exhibition that features Hello Kitty as a underwater princess surrounded by various sea creatures. The moment you step into the exhibition area, you will be greeted by various shades of blue that will plunge you into the underwater world of the Otohime Ryugu Castle.

hello kitty smile - car
Image credit: @hellokittysmile.awaji

Do keep an eye out for Hello Kitty’s car, which is situated in the middle of the sea cave area. The area has a wall full of Hello Kitty plushies, which will also make for a good photo backdrop.

hello kitty smile - interactive
Image credit: @hellokittysmile.awaji

There is also an interactive area where visitors can touch the stars projected onto the screen. The Hello Kitty princesses are hidden within some of the stars and will only appear when you tap on the right stars.

hello kitty smile - life-sized kaleidoscope
Image credit: @hellokittysmile.awaji

Be sure to step into the life-sized kaleidoscope, where you can see multiple Hello Kitties as she is reflected onto the mirrors. The changing patterns on the giant kaleidoscope make for an enchanting experience that you can be a part of as you will also be reflected onto the mirrors once you enter.

hello kitty smile - hello kitty's room
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The last stop on the exhibition will bring you to Hello Kitty’s room, where you will be able to take a picture with Hello Kitty herself while admiring the adorable decor in her room.

Hello Kitty-themed restaurants

After your arduous journey through the sea, replenish your energy at any four of the Hello Kitty-themed restaurants.

Hello Kitty Smile - Party Balcony cafe
Image credit: 【公式】HELLO KITTY SMILE(ハローキティスマイル)

At the Hello Kitty Smile Party Balcony cafe, you can spoil yourself with a decadent high tea tray from ¥2,000 (~USD20.21), which features a variety of desserts and small bites.

hello kitty smile - pancakes
Image credit: @peach___0815

If you are looking for a sweet and simple breakfast, try the Hello Kitty pancakes (¥680, ~USD5.50) at the Hello Kitty Smile Party Terrace restaurant. You can have the pancakes plain or garnished with a variety of sauces and toppings such as strawberry, chocolate banana, and mango.

hello kitty smile - Ryuga Restaurant Tamatebako
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【公式】HELLO KITTY SMILE(ハローキティスマイル)

Ryuga Restaurant Tamatebako specialises in single portion hot pots that use fresh ingredients from Awaji island. Their hot pots are packed with a variety of healthy and hearty ingredients that make the soup nourishing and extra comforting, which is perfect for a cold, rainy day.

hello kitty smile - Hello Kitty Smile Garden
Image credit: 【公式】HELLO KITTY SMILE(ハローキティスマイル)

Last but not least, Hello Kitty Smile Garden is a restaurant that serves authentic Chinese cuisine, including dim sum and mapo tofu.

Whichever restaurant you choose to dine at, you will definitely see Hello Kitty in all of your meals. Will she make your meal more enticing, or will she make your food too adorable to eat?

Hello Kitty Show Box

hello kitty smile - Hello Kitty Show Box
Image credit:【公式】HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX

The Hello Kitty Show Box, situated 9 minutes from Hello Kitty Smile by bus, is a theatre restaurant that showcases exciting live performances while you eat. You can watch Hello Kitty sing and dance with the other talented performers on stage.

After the performance, you can meet Hello Kitty and take photos with her to commemorate the experience.

hello kitty smile - hello kitty show box restaurant
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The restaurant serves a luxurious lunch that’s, of course, adorned with Hello Kitty. You can check the prices and timing here. After 2PM, the restaurant transforms into a cafe and serves Hello Kitty-themed desserts.

You can try the adorable Hello Kitty Cake (¥2,530, ~USD20.46) that is served with a generous helping of fruits on the side.

Hello Kitty-themed hotel

After a fulfilling day on the island, relax and unwind in a Hello Kitty-themed hotel – the Grand Chariot. The hotel has three different types of Hello Kitty rooms for you to choose from.

hello kitty smile - hello kitty 70s room
Hello Kitty 70’s room at Grand Chariot

Image adapted from: @grandchariot.official

The first room is adorned with the classic Hello Kitty in her original blue overalls. The colours of this room are more vivid and cartoonish, which would greatly appeal to those who love Hello Kitty’s original design. 

hello kitty smile - Hello Kitty Star’s Cocoon room
Hello Kitty Star’s Cocoon room at Grand Chariot
Image adapted from: @grandchariot.official

The second room has more pastel colours, which is perfect for those who enjoy the soft aesthetics of Hello Kitty.

hello kitty smile - hotel visual
Image adapted from: @grandchariot.official

hello kitty smile - Hello Kitty Natural Forest
Image adapted from: @grandchariot.official

The last room features a simpler design that situates Hello Kitty with adorable watercolour illustrations of animals.

Hello Kitty Smile – the perfect getaway for avid Kitty fans

Who says that Hello Kitty is only for children? The Hello Kitty resort on Awaji island will definitely put a smile on your face, regardless of your age. From exciting exhibitions to delicious themed food, Hello Kitty Smile will let you fall in love with the kawaii Sanrio character all over again.

Hello Kitty Smile
Address: 985-1 Nojimahikinoura, Awaji, Hyogo 656-1721
Opening hours: Mon – Fri 11AM-7PM (Closed on Tuesdays) | Sat – Sun 10AM-7PM
Telephone: 0799-70-9037

Hello Kitty Show Box
Address: 177-5 Nojimahirabayashi, Awaji City, 656-1724 Hyogo Prefecture
Opening hours: 11AM-5PM, Daily (Closed on Wednesdays)
Telephone: 0799-70-9022

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