Japanese magazine gives out mini train ticket gate machine

What is it about miniature versions of large, real-life items that makes it so appealing? Youchien, a Japanese children’s magazine, made the child in us squeal with joy upon seeing the fully functional mini train ticket gate they were giving out with their upcoming May issue.

Japanese magazine Youchien 

mini train ticket gate - youchien magazine
Image adapted from: @youchienmagazine

Youchien” means “kindergarten” in Japanese. The aptly named Youchien magazine is a popular publication marketed towards children, as well as adults looking for childcare tips.

The magazine often includes a freebie for their readers, and although that’s usually a toy meant for kids, the gift is often so incredibly detailed that even adults are clamouring for it.

Machine that beeps when you tap the Suica card

mini train ticket gate - youchien freebie visual
Image credit: @youchien_hensyu

Youchien recently revealed the gift for the May edition of the magazine – a fully functional train ticket gate machine.

mini train ticket gate - suica card
Image credit: @_balkanjapanbowl_

It even comes with a miniature version of a Suica card – a contactless card that can be used to pay for train fares in Japan. Tap the card on the machine and the gates will emit a beeping sound before opening.

Other amazing gifts that even adults want

If you are impressed by the ticket gate machine freebie Youchien is giving out, fasten your seatbelts as this is not the first time Youchien has given out such incredible gifts. 

mini train ticket gate - mini atm machine
Video adapted from: @youchien_hensyu

In the September 2019 issue, Youchien gave out a miniature ATM machine that allows you to deposit and withdraw paper money with the push of a button.

mini train ticket gate - ice cream vending machine
Video adapted from: @youchienmagazine

Youchien also gave out a fully functional ice cream vending machine. You could select from a plethora of choices, push the corresponding button, and your mini ice cream will pop right out.

mini train ticket gate - cup noodle freebie
Video adapted from: @youchien_hensyu

The magazine’s April 2022 edition, which went on sale on 26th February, includes a papercraft cup noodle that moves. It comes with paper toppings that look like pieces of eggs, meat, and shrimp, as well as a pair of paper tongs.

Mini train ticket gate freebie amazes adults and kids alike

Most of us would not expect much from a magazine freebie, but Youchien continues to impress with incredibly detailed gifts that get adults opening their wallets.

Although the magazine and their freebies were originally meant for younger readers, the adorable and immensely cool gifts attracted a more mature audience as well. It just goes to show that there is no age limit when it comes to fun.

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Cover image adapted from: @youchienmagazine & @youchien_hensyu

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