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TSUTAYA Bookstore In Nagoya Has A Giant Mirrored Bookshelf, Built-in Starbucks & Kids Zone

TSUTAYA Bookstore in Nagoya

The TSUTAYA Bookstore in Nagoya is more than just your average bookstore; it features a beautiful lit bookshelf that stretches to a mirrored ceiling, a Starbucks where you can relax with a good book, and a comfortable space for kids to play.

Mirrored staircase & aesthetic bookshelf

On the first floor, the bookstore houses tomes on business, literature, and comics. Head up to the second floor for children’s books, magazines, stationery, and of course, the mirrored bookshelf. Don’t worry, you can’t miss it.

tsutaya bookstore nagoya - bookshelf visual
Image credit: @yuji.love_coke

The mirrored ceiling and staircase not only make the bookshelf look massive, but also bears a slight resemblance to the infinity castle in Demon Slayer.

tsutaya bookstore nagoya - mirrored bookshelf
Image credit: @kiki01270

Visitors can pose for an arresting picture with the unique bookshelf in the middle of the stairs – just be sure to capture the entire shot symmetrically for the perfect photo.

Kid-friendly bookstore with an attached Starbucks

tsutaya bookstore nagoya - kids space
Image credit: PR Times

tsutaya bookstore nagoya - toy building
Image credit: @memigrm

TSUTAYA Bookstore in Nagoya has a huge selection of children’s books and a designated Kid’s Space where children can read. The bookstore also regularly hosts activities for parents and their children, such as toy building and arts and crafts.

tsutaya bookstore nagoya - starbucks
Image credit: PR Times

And for the parents, the bookstore has a Starbucks where you can sit back, relax, and peruse up to 3 books before making the decision to purchase them. 

Other amazing TSUTAYA Bookstore branches

TSUTAYA Bookstore is known for their vast selection of books, from children’s books to rare collections of books and magazines from around the world. Another thing TSUTAYA Bookstore is famous for, however, is the aesthetic and architectural designs of their physical stores.

tsutaya bookstore nagoya - Hirakata T-Site bookshelf
Image credit: @flip.flop.clip

tsutaya bookstore nagoya - Hirakata T-Site bookshelf
Image credit: @flip.flop.clip

TSUTAYA Bookstore’s Nagoya branch isn’t the only bookstore that has amazed the public with its stunning interior design. If you are itching to visit more bookstores with unique designs, head down to TSUTAYA Bookstore’s branch in Osaka – Hirakata T-Site – which features two 7m-tall shelves lined with a variety of books.

tsutaya bookstore nagoya - Hirakata T-Site ukulele
Image credit: @ukulelegallery_basisrecords

The two towering bookshelves should not be your only objectives for visiting, as this 5-storey bookstore has so much more to offer, and slowly combing through such an impressive place is truly a book lover’s dream. The bookstore also holds events such as ukulele workshops and carpet galleries, and you can check out the events on their website.

tsutaya bookstore nagoya - exterior
Image credit: 代官山 T-SITE

The TSUTAYA Bookstore in Tokyo – Daikanyama T-Site – is one of the most beautiful bookstores in Japan, with “A Library in the Woods” as its theme. The bookstore is split into 3 different buildings, connected by a 55m-long magazine aisle that cuts through the first floor.

tsutaya bookstore nagoya - Daikanyama T-Site lounge
Image adapted from: 代官山 T-SITE

The interior of the bookstore is not only sleek and classy, but also houses a comfortable lounge where visitors can read the books that they’ve picked out.

Getting to TSUTAYA Bookstore in Nagoya

Book lovers, gather up and include TSUTAYA Bookstore in Nagoya in your itinerary for your next trip to Japan. You can pretend to be Kibutsuji Muzan from Demon Slayer as you pose next to the spectacular “infinity bookshelf” for the gram. But don’t be so mesmerised by the bookshelf that you forget to check out the plethora of books there!

Address: 3-1-17 Noritake Shinmachi, Nishi-ku, Nagoya City, 451-0051 Aichi Prefecture
Opening hours: 10AM-9PM
Telephone: 052-446-5505

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Cover image adapted from: @yuji.love_coke, PR Times, and PR Times.