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Donbei Teases Everyone With Aburaage Tofu Blanket, May Release It As Official Merch

Donbei aburaage tofu blanket

One wouldn’t normally associate blankets with instant noodle toppings, but to Donbei, it seems that the connections are painfully obvious. Both are soft, fluffy, and airy – it’s no wonder that the Japanese brand decided to merge the two together to create an aburaage tofu blanket. 

Donbei teases aburaage tofu blanket merch

Donbei Aburaage Tofu Blanket - fried tofu blanket Image credit: @donbei_jp 

On 29th March 2022, Donbei shared a photo of a man snuggling tightly under a blanket. But it was no ordinary blanket – the kake futon (掛け布団) resembled a huge piece of aburaage (油揚げ) – a type of Japanese fried tofu that’s a staple topping for udon and soba.  

Life-sized replica of their signature kitsune cup noodles  

Donbei Aburaage Tofu Blanket - donbei kitsune udon
Image credit: PayPay Mall 

A familiar comfort food for many Japanese, Donbei’s kitsune udon and soba cup noodles are the brand’s signature products. Just like the generous size of aburaage tofu in their cup noodles, Donbei’s blanket is big enough to cover an average male adult from neck to toe. 

Unfortunately, according to the tweet, the aburaage tofu blanket is not an official merchandise for now. But depending on the reception, Donbei may release it as an official product if the post garners enough positive interest.

Other ideas from netizens 

Donbei Aburaage Tofu Blanket - udon and kamaboko
Image credit: @nabochinn 

Excited netizens welcomed the idea, with some even enthusiastically chipping in that the shiki futon (敷布団; mattress) should be printed with an udon design. To complete the dish, they even suggested that the pillow should take on the appearance of a kamaboko (蒲鉾), a seasoned steamed fish paste that’s typically served with udon noodles. 

Donbei Aburaage Tofu Blanket - aburaage in vacuum pack
Image adapted from: @takeshi_worst 

User @takeshi_worst quipped that the blanket can be sold vacuum-packed to mimic the way that real aburaage tofu is found in supermarkets.  

Donbei aburaage tofu blanket

There’s no telling when the aburaage blanket will be available for sale. But given the amount of likes and retweets amassed, let’s just say we should keep our eyes peeled for updates from Donbei soon. 

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Cover image adapted from: @donbei_jp