Capsule machine with ID photos

What can you sell in a capsule machine? The answer, in Japan, is apparently anything and everything that can fit into a tiny capsule, and that includes ID photos of random strangers

Capsule machine in Japan dispenses random ID photos

Capsule machine ID photos - capsule machine
Image credit: @aerobics_girl 

Recently, Twitter user @aerobics_girl shared an amusing sighting – a capsule machine that churns out ID photos of random people. 

Capsule machine ID photos - passport photo of middle aged man
Image credit: @aerobics_girl 

In the tweet, they shared that they managed to get their hand on the middle-aged man, which is supposedly one of the grand prizes as indicated on the machine’s display, in just one try. 

10 photos to complete the collection

Capsule machine ID photos - capsule toys with id photos inside
Image credit: @blue_lemon_m

Each turn will cost you ¥300 (~USD2.42), and there are a total of 10 photos to collect. Measuring 4cm lengthwise and 3cm in width, the photos feature a range of people, from a jaded middle-aged salaryman to a corporate greenhorn. 

In fact, according to Yahoo News, the photos are genuine ID photos taken by people who are job hunting or applying for passports. They happen to be the organiser’s acquaintance and have agreed to have their photos commercialised. The machine was so popular that it reportedly sold about 1000 capsule pieces after it was launched on 26th March 2022.

Where to find the capsule machine

Capsule machine ID photos - entrance of peanuts clubImage credit: @myumyu_SS 

For those who want to try your hand at the capsule machine, you can find them near the entrance of Peanuts Club, a pet hotel and cafe that’s just three minutes away from Kagurazaka Station in Shinjuku, Tokyo. 

Capsule machine with ID photos

Japan may be dotted with an abundance of capsule toy machines, but it’s certainly not every day that we spot one as wacky as this. If you’re in the area, give it a turn just for some laughs and giggles! 

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Cover image adapted from: @aerobics_girl and @aerobics_girl 

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