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Cookie Monster may tell you that cookies are meant to be devoured, but cookie artist WHIP SUGAR shows us that cookies can be artworks too. With patience and steady hands, WHIP SUGAR has turned cookie dough into 3D recreations of Psyduck, Gojo-sensei, and the adorable buddies from Sanrio.

The icing on the cake? She has a YouTube channel where you can witness the magic in action.

Recreating Pokémon, Jujutsu Kaisen & Sanrio characters

Cookie artist WHIP SUGAR - making sukuna
Process of creating Sukuna from Jujutsu Kaisen
Image adapted from: WHIP SUGAR icingcookies, WHIP SUGAR icingcookies and WHIP SUGAR icingcookies

WHIP SUGAR works with cookies as a base for all her creations. She first cuts out the outlines of the character on cookie dough that’s rolled out into a sheet, before baking them into sturdy cookie pieces. She then carefully layers the cookies with different types of icing and marzipan until the character is formed.

Cookie artist WHIP SUGAR = sign of jujutsu kaisen
Image adapted from: WHIP SUGAR icingcookies

She also creates the backdrop and other miscellaneous features needed for the piece using cookie dough.

Thus far, she has recreated characters from different franchises, with the most notable ones being Pokémon, Jujutsu Kaisen, and the Sanrio family. Her creations are shared on her Twitter account @YuicihiroG, which is managed by her husband.

Cookie artist WHIP SUGAR - psyduck
Image credit: @YuicihiroG

Her most popular creation consists of an array of cute Psyducks and their companions. The Twitter post has garnered about 11.7k retweets and 65.6k likes as of 22th April 2021.

Cookie artist WHIP SUGAR - eevee evolutions
Image credit:

Her recreation of the Eevee evolutions are equally impressive.

Cookie artist WHIP SUGAR - team rocket
Image credit: @YuicihiroG

Besides the Pokémons, Team Rocket also got their own cookie art to boast about.

Cookie artist WHIP SUGAR - jujutsu kaisen
Image adapted from: @YuicihiroG and @YuicihiroG

If you’re a Jujutsu Kaisen fan, you must not miss out on her recreations of the various characters. Her works include Gojo-sensei and Inumaki.

Cookie artist WHIP SUGAR - sanrio
Image adapted from: @YuicihiroG and @YuicihiroG

The sweet-looking Sanrio characters also got their adorable cookie art. Say hello to Kiki and Lala, as well as Cinnamoroll.

Witness the creation process on YouTube

Cookie artist WHIP SUGAR - gintama
Creating Gintoki from Gintama
Image adapted from: WHIP SUGAR icingcookies

Creating such beautiful cookie art isn’t easy. You can watch how even the smallest feature of the characters is crafted with the utmost care on WHIP SUGAR’s official YouTube channel. In her videos, she also documents every step and the thought process behind her pieces.

If you’re someone who loves satisfying cooking videos, you will not regret watching WHIP SUGAR’s videos.

View more works from cookie artist WHIP SUGAR

There are many more cookie art pieces to discover on WHIP SUGAR’s Twitter and YouTube accounts. Key examples include the Demon Slayer cookies she made in 2019, as well as a recreation of Rem from Re:Zero.

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Cover image adapted from: @YuicihiroG and @YuicihiroG

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