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Tokyo Ghoul Creator Sui Ishida’s New Manga “Choujin X” Begins With A Dark & Thrilling Chapter

Choujin X by Sui Ishida

It’s been a long time since the Tokyo Ghoul manga ended its run – its last chapter was released in July 2018. Now, close to 3 years later, Sui Ishida is finally coming back with a new thriller manga. Depicting a society threatened by monster-like beings called “Choujin”, Choujin X – or “Superhuman X” – may possibly be the next masterpiece in the manga world.

Chapter 1 was released on 10th May 2021, and you can read it on several official platforms.

Sui Ishida’s latest work, Choujin X

choujin x - logo
Image adapted from: Tonari no Young Jump

Sui Ishida’s all-time classic, Tokyo Ghoul, came to an end in July 2018. Luckily, the manga artist has no intention to retire from the manga scene yet. On 23rd November 2020, he tweeted about a new work called “Choujin X”, and its 1st chapter dropped with zero fanfare on 10th May 2021.

choujin x - first panel
Image adapted from: Manga Plus

Set in a world where beings with superpowers called “Choujin” exist, the story begins with an impactful visual of a bare body pressed against an unknown creature. The image is tagged with a solemn line, “It’s something of an affliction.” From this panel alone, it’s obvious that Choujin X is going to be another dark story, just like Tokyo Ghoul.

choujin x - airplane assault
Image adapted from: Manga Plus

The rest of Chapter 1 is pretty action-packed. We are first greeted by a Choujin’s assault on a plane in mid-air, which paints a clear picture of the brutality the creatures are capable of. Then, Tokio Kurohara – one of our main protagonists – gets entangled in an attack by a long-neck Choujin.

choujin x - long-neck choujin
Image adapted from: Manga Plus

Eventually, he injects himself with a mysterious fluid and turns himself into a Choujin in order to save his friend, Azuma Higashi. Transforming into a “Bestial Choujin”, he morphs into an unhuman-like appearance with a long plague doctor mask, and the chapter ends there.

choujin x - bestial choujin tokio
Image adapted from: Manga Plus

Reception of Choujin X

tweet reaction
Image adapted from: @rO266nTezDzJFcK

Fans were excited to see Sui Ishida’s return to the manga scene, with many expressing their appreciation for his amazing art.

User @rO266nTezDzJFcK replied to Ishida’s manga announcement tweet, saying how they’re happy to see Ishida’s art after a long time, and that they can never get enough of the beautiful touch present in his artworks. They also wished for Ishida to take good care of his health.

tweet reaction
Image adapted from: @StickerTricker

Some Tokyo Ghoul fans saw parallels between the main duo, Azuma Higashi and Tokio Kurohara, and Kaneki and Hide. @StickerTricker tweeted excitedly, “ISHIDA CREATING THE NEXT GOAT DUO!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE TORCH HAS BEEN PASSED ON TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!”

tweet reaction
Image adapted from: @sushi_skeleton

Many fans were already hyped for the subsequent chapters. Amongst these excited fans is Twitter user @sushi_skeleton, who tweeted, “Man I’m really excited for whats [sic] to come in Choujin X!!!”

Where to read Choujin X

You can read Choujin X in Japanese on the Tonari no Young Jump website. For official English translations, check out Manga Plus and Viz Media. The manga will be updated irregularly, based on Sui Ishida’s own progress.

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