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Quirky Canned Food Rings In Japan Brings New Meaning To Winning Your Lover’s Heart Through Their Stomach

Canned food rings

As the old saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. But if you cannot, for the life of you, whip up a delicious meal, there’s another way to get your lover to fall head over heels for you. Nature Techni Colour has released a set of quirky canned food rings with which you can propose

Canned food rings by Nature Techni Colour

Canned food rings - nature techni colour canned food rings
Image credit: @NTC_ikimon

On 1st February, Nature Techni Colour, a toy maker and gashapon (capsule toy) company in Japan, released their new collection of canned food rings. The selection includes miniature, realistic-looking canned food attached to band rings. 

Canned food rings - nature techni colour canned food rings
Image credit: @NTC_ikimon

The rings are a collaboration with Hagoromo, a household name best known for their canned tuna, and Sunyo, who’s famous for their canned fruits. Available in the form of capsule toys, these unorthodox rings retail for ¥400 (~USD3.81) each. 

6 designs available 

Canned food rings - 6 designs of canned food rings
Image credit: @iine_piroshiki

Canned food rings - canned pineapples and orange rings
Mandarin orange (left) and pineapple (right).
Image credit: @NTC_ikimon

The collection comprises 6 designs, including 3 savoury options – fancy tuna, tuna flakes, and corn. For those with a sweet tooth, take your pick from 3 fruity designs – mandarin orange, peach, and pineapple.

Canned food rings - canned tuna rings
Image credit: @iine_piroshiki

If you’re someone who gets bored of things quickly and needs some variety in life, these detachable canned food rings are the perfect accessories for you. With just 1 ring, you can pull off 3 looks. 

Canned food rings - canned tuna rings on fingers
Image credit: @NTC_ikimon

For a cheeky look, wear it as it is like an opened tin. Alternatively, you can detach and remove the “food” from its tin can, then wear the 2 components separately. 

Canned food rings - canned corn rings
Image credit: @iine_piroshiki

The diameter of the ring measures around 1619mm, depending on the design. 

Rings were 1 year in the making

Canned food rings - 2020 canned food rings
2020’s canned food ring collection.
Image credit:

Nature Techni Colour actually released a similar selection of rings in January 2020, but the previous collection featured empty tin cans, sans the food. 

Canned food rings - twitter screenshot
Image adapted from: @iine_piroshiki

An artist on Twitter, who goes by Takahiro Shibata, took the liberty to improve upon the miniature products. They added fake tuna flakes –  which resembles the ones you’d find in actual canned tuna – to the can and attached the entire thing to a silver band ring. The upgraded ring went viral on Twitter and amassed over 112,100 likes. 

Heartened by the response, Nature Techni Colour ran with the idea and launched canned food rings 2.0 a year later. 

Quirky canned food rings by Nature Techni Colour

To get your hand on these unique rings, try your luck at gashapon machines in Japan. Nature Techni Colour offers shipping within Japan for the capsule toys. For those who are not in Japan now, you can consider using freight-forwarding services. Check out more of Nature Techni Colour’s products here.  

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Cover image adapted from: @iine_piroshiki and @iine_piroshiki