DIY otome game filter for job interview

Taking deep breaths, giving yourself a pep talk, and running through your answers to commonly asked interview questions – these are just some of the ways you can calm yourself down before a job interview. But if these tips don’t work, take a leaf out of this Japanese netizen’s book and DIY an otome game filter to paste over your laptop screen to soothe your job interview jitters. 

DIY otome game filter

DIY otome game filter for job interview - diy otome game filter
Image credit: @13237sora 

A post shared by a Japanese Twitter user, who goes by @13237sora, has been making its rounds online. He said in the post that in a bid to calm his nerves during an online job interview, he fashioned an otome game filter out of a piece of clear plastic folder. Currently, the post has garnered over 347,800 likes and 68,300 retweets. 

DIY otome game filter for job interview - our two bedroom story
Screenshot from “Our Two Bedroom Story”. 
Image credit: Chinomi

Otome game (乙女ゲーム) is a type of simulation romance game where the player interacts with several characters, often good-looking guys, in a virtual world. The player will have conversations with the in-game characters and that usually throws up a fair bit of cheesy lines.

otome game filterImage adapted from: @13237sora 

For @13237sora, he added in the post that he successfully distracted himself by changing his online interview to one that resembles a setting in an otome game. The interviewer, who has taken on the role of an ikemen (イケメン; handsome man), utters the heart-fluttering lines “You… are an interesting girl. You should join our company”. 

Other creations

DIY otome game filter for job interview - job hunting uchiwa
Image credit: @13237sora 

This is not the first time user @13237sora has used such an unorthodox method during his interviews. Back in August, he appealed to his prospective employers by using uchiwa (団扇), traditional Japanese hand fans often used as handheld signs by fans in concerts to support their idols.  

DIY otome game filter for job interview - job hunting uchiwa
Image credit: @13237sora 

With “Job offer, please” written on one and “I love your company” on the other, the eye-catching signs were placed beside him to appeal to his interviewers.  

DIY otome game filter for job interview - screenshot from news
Image credit: @13237sora 

He was even featured on news outlets such as Livedoor News and BuzzFeed Japan for his shenanigans. 

DIY otome game filter for job interview - filter for character selection screen
Image adapted from: @13237sora and @13237sora 

Just recently, he also came up with a filter that looks like an in-game character selection screen – a menu which appears at the start of games for players to choose their characters. If you have to attend large virtual meetings, this filter is perfect for injecting a bit of fun.  

Netizens impressed and amused

character selection screen - twitter screenshot
Image adapted from: @Qx2nTPZzS5rk3CS 

His creative solution to ease job interview jitters struck a chord with netizens, with many expressing their amazement at the ingenious idea. User @Qx2nTPZzS5rk3CS applauded the idea, but is concerned that they “might end up forgetting important information while trying to suppress their laughter”. 

character selection screen - twitter screenshot
Image credit: @yamagatasyohei 

In true otome game fashion, user @yamagatasyohei even imagined the “story” progression where the OP got offered the job and drew a rough sketch of the scenario, providing 2 responses the user can give: a bashful “I don’t mind (joining your company)” and a haughty “Huh!? I’m not joining your company”. 

character selection screen - twitter screenshot
Image adapted from: @driftingsnow01 

User @driftingsnow01 even asked the question that’s on everyone’s mind, if the user got hired, accompanied with a tinge of jealousy as though they were in-game love rivals vying for the attention of the interviewer. 

Japanese netizen DIYs otome game filter

Imagining yourself in a romantic scenario may give you butterflies, but we reckon that it’d be so much less nerve-racking than a serious interview setting. The next time you have an online interview and are feeling anxious, try this method out for yourself. Who knows, it might just be the thing you need to overcome your nerves. 

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