Cafe Crepe Angels Heart In Harajuku closes

Though crepes originated from France, the delectable street food has become an important hallmark of youth culture in Japan. Located in Harajuku’s Takeshita-dori, Cafe Crepe Angels Heart – one of the crepe speciality shops that popularised the snack – recently closed its doors for good. 

Cafe Crepe Angels Heart closes due to expired lease

Cafe Crepe Angels Heart closes - cafe crepe angels heart
Image credit: Tour of Harajuku 

On 14th January, Cafe Crepe Angels Heart in Harajuku closed for good. Catering to locals and tourists alike, the iconic crepe shop had been churning out the dainty street food since 1983, until their recent closure. Over the years, its striking pink storefront and heart motifs have become synonymous with kawaii culture in Japan. 

Cafe Crepe Angels Heart closes - japanese style crepes
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According to Shibuya Economic News, the closure was due to the expiration of the lease. But the owner, Mizuki Ono, reassured the media outlet that they have plans to reopen the shop on Takeshita-dori or nearby, if and when the opportunity arises. 

Crepes have been a Harajuku speciality since the 1970s

Cafe Crepe Angels Heart closes - japanese style crepes
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Hailed as must-tries, these fresh cream-filled crepes should be familiar to those who’ve been to Harajuku. 

Cafe Crepe Angels Heart closes - marion crepes in 1976
First crepe shop in Japan
Image credit: Yahoo Japan

In fact, the history of crepes in Japan goes way back. In 1976, the first crepe shop in Japan, Marion Crepes, opened its doors for business. Stationed in a corner of a parking lot at Shibuya Koen-dori, the pioneers of Japanese-style crepes sold their signature treats from a humble food cart. 

Marion Crepes wrapped the thin pancakes in paper so that their customers could slowly nibble on the snack while walking. It proved to be an instant hit as the unconventional snack was featured on several popular magazines and was eventually popularised.  

Cafe Crepe Angels Heart closes - marion crepes in 1977
Marion Crepes’s brick-and-mortar store in 1976.
Image credit: Yahoo Japan

In the following year, Marion Crepes moved to a brick-and-mortar store on Takeshita-dori. The street was lined with shops on both sides, making it perfect for walking while eating crepes. With that, the street food quickly became a unique speciality of Harajuku.

Other cafe crepe outlets & similar stores

Cafe Crepe Angels Heart closes - santa monica crepes
Santa Monica Crepes
Image credit: @m1yuxx

Until Cafe Crepe Angels Heart returns, visitors can get their cravings satisfied at other creperies in the area, such as the long-standing Marion Crepes and the popular Santa Monica Crepes. Alternatively, you can also visit other branches run by Cafe Crepe. Cafe Crepe Laforet Harajuku is just a stone’s throw away from Takeshita-dori. They also have an outlet at Roppongi Hills. 

Cafe Crepe Angels Heart closes for good

Bidding such an iconic landmark goodbye may feel bittersweet, but at least it’s only temporary. Here’s hoping that Cafe Crepe Angels Heart will return to Takeshita-dori soon.  

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