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Japanese Netizen Finds R-Rated Daikon, Decides To Snip Off Offending Appendage To Make It PG-13

Japanese finds R-rated daikon

From precisely cubed watermelons to blemishfree premium strawberries, Japan is known for their perfect produce. But try as Japanese farmers might, nature has a way of growing in organic, sometimes unsightly ways. Recently, a Japanese netizen took to Twitter to share his freshly harvested R-rated daikon. 

Photo of R-rated daikon goes viral

Japanese finds r-rated daikon - daikon with offending appendage
Image credit: @KfTzR_Towser 

A Japanese user who goes by @KfTzR_Towser shared his latest harvest – an oddly shaped daikon with an obscene appendage that resembles a certain part of a man’s anatomy. 

Japanese finds r-rated daikon - side view of daikon with offending appendage
Image credit: @KfTzR_Towser 

Daikon (大根), or Japanese white radish, is a mainstay of Japanese cuisine. The root vegetable is typically used in simmered dishes and miso soup. 

Japanese finds r-rated daikon - twitter post of daikon with offending appendage
Image adapted from: @KfTzR_Towser 

The post, with the witty caption “I’ve harvested a splendidly mature daikon”, has since amassed over 37,200 likes and 10,300 retweets. 

User debates whether to snip or slice off the appendage

Japanese finds r-rated daikon - slicing daikon with knife
Image credit: @KfTzR_Towser 

Japanese finds r-rated daikon - cutting daikon with scissors
Image credit: @KfTzR_Towser  

Shortly after the photos of the anthropomorphised daikon were posted, the user followed up with 2 more pictures. With a kitchen knife in one hand and a pair of scissors in another, user @KfTzR_Towser deliberated over the best tool to use to snip off the offending appendage.  

Japanese finds r-rated daikon - severed daikon
Image credit: @KfTzR_Towser  

But, alas, the user went with the pair of scissors. 

Japanese finds r-rated daikon - dried daikon
Image credit: @KfTzR_Towser  

For those who are worried about the plight of the severed daikon, don’t be, as the vegetable was put to good use. The user revealed that the bulk of the root vegetable was used to make dried daikon and the rest was returned to the field as fertiliser. 

Netizens share pictures of oddly shaped produce

Japanese finds r-rated daikon - oddly shaped daikon
Image credit: @yonesuke0314 

Amused by the post, many netizens in turn replied with pictures of the naughtiest-looking vegetables they’ve come across. User @yonesuke0314 upped the game and shared that he harvested a daikon, with a longer appendage, no less, from his grandfather’s field last year. 

Japanese finds r-rated daikon - oddly shaped carrot
Image credit: @cocone_pso2

As it turns out, it’s pretty common for vegetables to grow into abnormal shapes that deviate from what we typically see in supermarkets, as user @cocone_pso2’s carrot can attest to. 

Japanese finds r-rated daikon - shimeji mushroom
Image credit: @tn714nt

User @tn714nt’s shimeji mushroom even had 2 protuberances of varying sizes.

Japanese netizen finds R-rated daikon

Beautiful, flawless fruits may tantalise taste buds, but there’s something about unusually shaped produce that never fails to tickle our funny bones. The next time you’re at the supermarket or farmer’s market, look out for some “ugly” produce amidst the pile of perfect-looking fruits and vegetables. Who knows, you might just discover the most outrageous finds. 

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Cover image adapted from (left to right): @KfTzR_Towser and @KfTzR_Towser