Akebonoyama Agricultural Park

At Akebonoyama Agricultural Park, the hills are alive with the sound of fresh blossoms. With a windmill and vibrant flowers all year round, every view in this garden is like a beautiful painting. Live out your pastoral dreams here with farmer’s markets, nature craft workshops, and harvest your own vegetables for the grill. 

Cottagecore aesthetic of a European countryside

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - get transported to the Netherlands
Image credit: あけぼの山農業公園

Standing right in the middle of the fields is the icon of Akebonoyama Agricultural Park – a windmill that cements the cottagecore aesthetic of the place. Paired with rows upon rows of tulips in March and April, the scene makes you feel as if you’ve been transported to the Netherlands. 

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - evening light
Image credit: あけぼの山農業公園

On the other side of the windmill is a large pond. Every evening, the sunset creates a magical purple backdrop for the building and its reflection in the water. 

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - autumn and winter views
Image adapted from: あけぼの山農業公園, @akebonoyama

Even in colder months when the flowers give way to earthly tones, the tranquil scenery remains wallpaper-worthy. 

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - Anne of Green Gables
Image adapted from: あけぼの山農業公園, @akebonoyama

You can almost imagine Anne from Anne of Green Gables reading a book in Mother Nature’s embrace or floating down the river in a boat. 

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - Anywhere Doors
Image adapted from: あけぼの山農業公園

Huge, empty frames turn the already gorgeous scenery into a living painting. There’s something quite magical about it, and the frames even remind us of the “Anywhere Doors” in Doraemon. There are unexpected “Anywhere Doors” scattered throughout the field, and it’s fun to track all of them down.

Year-round flower displays & festival decorations 

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - an earthly quilt of flowers
Image credit: @akebonoyama

Flowers are neatly arranged like colourful quilts on the ground throughout the year at Akebonoyama Agricultural Park, and each season brings with it a different combination of blooms.

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - paths lined with sunflowers
Image adapted from: Samiya SL Vlogs

It’s no surprise that this park is a popular location for a relaxing picnic in the meadows, especially during cherry blossom season in spring. 

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - sakura picnic
Image credit: あけぼの山農業公園

During the summer, sunflowers that tower above you line the paths with sunshine. 

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - wade through a sea of cosmos flowers
Image adapted from: あけぼの山農業公園

And come autumn, you get to wade through a sea of flowers awash with hues of red, orange, and yellow here amidst the many gentle hills. 

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - Christmas lights
Image adapted from: @akebonoyama, @akebonoyama

With Christmas coming round the corner, expect colourful lights to etch out a wonderland in the night. At Akebonoyama Agricultural Park, the windmill doubles as the Christmas tree in the winter. 

Hone your green fingers at workshops & farmer’s markets

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - pastoral sunflower vibes
Image credit: @whiteroomchannel

If walking through these landscapes is not enough to satisfy your pastoral fantasies, we suggest experiencing farm life through the many events held at Akebonoyama Agricultural Park. 

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - farmer's markets
Image adapted from: あけぼの山農業公園, @akebonoyama

At the farmer’s markets, you’ll find potted plants, fresh produce, and snacks made from the 3 major vegetables grown in Kashiwa City – green onion, spinach, and turnip. 

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - potted succulents
Image credit: あけぼの山農業公園

Grow your green fingers at floral craft workshops, where you’ll learn flower arrangement, horticulture, and art related to nature. 

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - cute nature art
Image credit: あけぼの山農業公園

While access to the park is free, these programmes and workshops require advance reservations on the Akebonoyama Agricultural Park website. Some of these special events require a nominal attendance fee, so do refer to the website for more details. 

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - harvest your own vegetables
Image adapted from: Akebono Beach Park, @akebonoyama

At the newly opened Akebono Beach Park area, gardens are abound with pesticide-free vegetables which you can harvest on your own. 

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - fresh and organic produce
Image adapted from: Akebono Beach Park, @akebono_beach_park

You can then enjoy an American-style grill with your harvest. Instead of regular BBQ, the park dubs this the “GBQ”, which is short for “Grill Barbecue”. It’s a party that “you can enjoy ‘empty-handed’!”, since you’ll be gathering the ingredients on the spot instead of bringing them from home.

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - grill barbecue
Image credit: @akebono_beach_park 

Make a reservation via the Akebono Beach Park website or by phone at least 3 days in advance so you get to enjoy your beach getaway at your preferred location and timeslot. The barbecue packages start from ¥1600 (~USD10.90)

Getting to Akebonoyama Agricultural Park

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - expansive meadows
Image credit: あけぼの山農業公園

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park sprawls over Chiba Prefecture, and it’s just half an hour’s train ride from Tokyo via the Jōban Rapid Line. Alight at the JR Abiko Station, then head to the North Exit Bus Stop and board the Bando Bus that’s bound for Akebonoyama Agricultural Park or Akebonoyama Park Entrance

Also, consider using Kashiwa City’s full-day rental bikes instead of taking a bus. That way, you’ll also get to admire the scenery close up on your way to the park.  

Akebonoyama Agricultural Park - cycle to the park
Image credit: @pegasus535

Address: 2005-2 Fuse, Kashiwa City, 277-0825 Chiba
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 9am-5pm | Closed on Mondays, PH & PH-in-lieu
Contact: 04-7133-8877 | Akebonoyama Agricultural Park website

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Cover image adapted from: Today in Tokyo, あけぼの山農業公園, @akebonoyama

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