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Zyplus’s “Noodle Wall” Prevents Cup Noodle Soup Splashes & Lets Introverts Eat Alone In Peace 

Zyplus’s noodle wall

Since Ichiran shot to fame, the popular ramen franchise has become the safe haven for introverts everywhere. Not only does Ichiran offer a good hearty bowl of ramen, but the partitioned seats are also perfect for customers who want to dine alone. Well, now you can have a solo dining booth set up anywhere and anytime, with Zyplus’s new “noodle wall”.  

“Noodle wall” protects your phone and surroundings from soup splashes

Zyplus's noodle wall - noodle wall in front of a desktop
Image credit: Zyplus 

As strange as it may seem, it’s customary to slurp your noodles loudly in Japan. But doing so means that the chances of getting soup everywhere skyrockets, and it’s especially frustrating when you’re eating in front of your laptops or phones.   

Zyplus's noodle wall - woman eating cup noodles in front of a noodle wall
Image credit: Amazon Japan 

Japanese company Zyplus saw this conundrum and came up with a revolutionary new product, the “noodle wall” (麺ウォール). It is a folder-like divider that acts as a protective barrier between your bowl of noodles and computer, preventing the broth from splashing onto your devices as you slurp away at your desk while at work

Zyplus noodle wall - smartphone in the pocket of noodle wall
Image credit: Amazon Japan 

For those who like to binge-watch shows during mealtimes, Zyplus has got you covered with an inbuilt plastic transparent pocket. Just slot your phone in and you’ll have your very own mini theatre set up for a fuss-free viewing experience. 

Zyplus noodle wall - earphones plugged in phone
Image credit: Zyplus 

If your phone’s battery is running low, there are slits on the sides of the pocket so you can easily plug in a charging cable. Alternatively, you can also have your noise-cancelling headphones plugged in to truly eat alone in peace. 

Zyplus “Noodle wall” product specifications

Zyplus noodle wall - noodle wall folded
Image credit: Amazon Japan 

As with all innovative Japanese inventions designed to make the user’s life easier, Zyplus’s “noodle wall” is not only practical in function, but is also lightweight enough for portability. 

Zyplus noodle wall - dimension of noodle wall
Image credit: Amazon Japan 

Its sleek leather-like exterior blends in easily with normal folders and documents. This means that you don’t have to worry about it looking out of place on your work desk even if you work in a strict corporate setting

Zyplus noodle wall - noodle wall and B5 notebook
The folded “noodle wall” is the size of a B5 notebook. 
Image credit: Zyplus 

If you’d like to get your hands on one, the “noodle wall” retails at ¥2,178 (~USD20.70) on Amazon. International shipping fees vary depending on where you are, so check out the website for more details. 

Other wacky and wellness inventions from Zyplus

Zyplus noodle wall - potato chip cap
Image credit: Amazon Japan

As a company selling wellness and lifestyle goods, Zyplus has had quite a bit of experience coming up with wacky products. 

Forget eating potato chips with chopsticks just pour them into your mouth with Poterappaa (ポテラッパー). It is a plastic cap which can be attached to bags of potato chips, allowing you to pour the snack into your mouth without getting your fingers greasy. 

Zyplus noodle wall - egg cracker
Image credit: Zyplus  

For rookie cooks with trouble cracking even an egg, you might want to get a Tamagottsun (タマゴっつん). It’s an egg-shaped egg cracker that will help you crack eggs without making a huge mess.   

Zyplus noodle wall - mittens
Image credit: Zyplus  

Aside from innovative lifestyle goods, Zyplus has also released a bunch of health and wellness products. For example, a fluffy mitten designed for elders who have to rely on walking sticks to get around. The mitten keeps their hands warm during winter, while allowing for a firm grip on the handle. 

Zyplus noodle wall - silent mask
Image credit: Amazon Japan

Coughing and sneezing during COVID-19 times can attract judgemental stares, so Zyplus came up with “silent masks”. These specially designed masks muffle sounds so that you won’t feel self-conscious while trying to sneak a cough in public. 

Zyplus noodle wall

Eating in front of your laptop might have inevitably led to soup stains or bits of food falling onto your keyboard in the past, but worry no more. With Zyplus’s new “noodle wall”, even the messiest eater can keep their devices safe from the sweet nectar of gods also known as cup noodle soup

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Cover image adapted from: Zyplus