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Yoshinoya Capsule Toys Are Mouth-Watering Replicas Of Signature Beef Bowls You’d Love To Meat

Yoshinoya capsule toys

Yoshinoya is a well-loved beef bowl chain that’s been around for more than a century. In a truly Japanese-style collab with Kenelephant, Yoshinoya is releasing toys that combine gashapon (capsule toys) with shokuhin sampuru (食品サンプル; food models). The collection looks so tasty, you could almost eat it – emphasis on almost

Replicas of 5 popular Yoshinoya items

Serving warm and satisfying meals at a budget price, Yoshinoya’s popularity extends beyond Japan. And now, ardent Yoshinoya fans can carry the restaurant chain’s 5 most popular menu items wherever they go. The collection comprises mini replicas of Negitama Gyudon, Gyusuki Nabe, Tokumori Gyudon, Gyusara Teishoku, and Takeout Gyudon.

Yoshinoya capsule toys - Negitama Gyudon
Image adapted from: @kenelephant2000

Negitama Gyudon is the fancy cousin of the signature Yoshinoya beef bowl. It’s topped with a thick layer of diced green onion, a raw egg, and comes with juicy kimchi on the side. 

Yoshinoya capsule toys - Gyusuki Nabe
Image adapted from: @kenelephant2000

While the real deal is a seasonal item served from late autumn to winter, the Gyusuki Nabe replica can accompany you all year long. This colourful sukiyaki-style hotpot comprises beef, cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots, silken tofu, and kishimen noodles (thin and flat noodles from Nagoya).

Yoshinoya capsule toys - Tokumori GyudonImage adapted from: @kenelephant2000

For those with a larger appetite for shokuhin sampuru, there’s the Tokumori Gyudon, an extra-large beef bowl now downscaled to fit right into your palm. The bowl it’s served in is decorated with fine prints of arita-yaki (有田焼) – porcelain from Arita, home to majority of early Japanese kilns. 

Yoshinoya capsule toys - Gyusara Teishoku
Image adapted from: @kenelephant2000

If you’re a fan of compartmentalisation, the Gyusara Teishoku will suit your taste. This set meal deconstructs the Yoshinoya beef bowl into beef, egg, miso soup, and rice. 

Yoshinoya capsule toys - Takeout Gyudon
Image adapted from:

The last item on the list is a life-saver for every busy salaryman. The Takeout Gyudon adds some spice to the daily rat race with shichimi (七味; seven spices) seasoning and pickled ginger. 

Lucky 47-hole ladle to serve your gacha meal

Yoshinoya capsule toys - lucky ladle
Image credit: @kenelephant2000

The Yoshinoya capsule toy collection includes 1 lucky item – a 47-hole ladle. Since gashapon drops are randomised, you’d need some serious luck to land this lucky item. That said, if you do manage to get it, it may just bless all your future gacha pulls.

Yoshinoya capsule toys - mix and match items Image credit: @kenelephant2000

The 47 holes in Yoshinoya’s signature ladle are said to be optimised to scoop beef bowl toppings out of simmering broth while maintaining an even spread of beef, onions, and sauce. 

Yoshinoya capsule toys - scoop the curry yourself
Image credit: @kenelephant2000

2nd collab with Kenelephant 

Yoshinoya capsule toys - mini rice bowls on mini table
Image credit: @kenelephant2000

Kenelephant specialises in making quirky miniature toys such as tiny Morse code machines. Their 1st collaboration with Yoshinoya in September 2021 was so well-received that they came back with a 2nd drop.

Yoshinoya capsule toys - ruler measurement
Image credit: Rakuten Group, Inc.

Despite being smol, these mini replicas are surprisingly detailed – just look at the packaging of the tiny disposable chopsticks and seasoning packets.

Yoshinoya capsule toys - food on your fingertips
Image credit: @kenelephant2000

The 2.5cm-diametre beef bowls and 5.5cm-wide set meal trays all fit easily into your palm.

Yoshinoya capsule toys - full set
Image credit: Rakuten Group, Inc.

Some parts of the capsule toys, such as the layer of beef on top of the rice, are detachable so that you can reassemble and customise your meal. 

Beef up your room deco with Yoshinoya capsule toys

The 2nd Yoshinoya capsule toy collection is now available on Kenelephant’s official store on Rakuten for ¥3,300 (~USD22.17) per set. If you’re in Japan, you can buy individual toys for ¥500 (~USD3.35) each or in a blind box for ¥550 (~USD3.68) per box. 

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Cover image adapted from:  @kenelephant2000, Rakuten Group, Inc., Rakuten Group, Inc.