Converse sneaker erasers by Gakken Suteifuru

On 26th August 2021, a Japanese stationery and toy-making company, Gakken Suteifuru, released a new series of erasers that look exactly like a miniature version of the original Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers.

Smol Converse sneaker erasers

converse sneaker erasers - mini converse sneaker erasers
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These tiny Converse sneaker erasers were intricately designed to look exactly like the original Converse Chuck Taylor All Star.

converse sneaker erasers - intricately designed
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PR Times

The maker even included the original Converse logo, the label of the sneakers located at the heel, as well as the intricate patterns of the rubber soles in the erasers.

There are a total of six colors available, and each eraser measures W48×H25×D15mm.

converse sneaker erasers - mini-converse shoebox
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PR Times

Each eraser comes in a single mini-Converse shoebox, and retails at ¥495 (~USD4.50). You can purchase them at stationery stores all over Japan, or order them from the official online store.

About Gakken Suteifuru

converse sneaker erasers - gakken suteifuru
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Gakken Suteifuru

Gakken Suteifuru is a company that specialises in making and selling educational- and school-related products, such as stationery, lunchboxes, workbooks, and puzzle toys for kids.

converse sneaker erasers - official website
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Gakken Suteifuru

You can find more of Gakken Suteifuru’s products on their official website. You can also purchase their products on their official online store.

Converse sneaker eraser makes correcting mistakes fun

Erasing writing mistakes can feel like a chore, but at least now you can do it while getting a kick out of it with these smol Converse sneaker erasers.

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