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Shiroi Koibito Park: Chocolate Factory In Sapporo To Live Out Your Willy Wonka Dreams IRL

Shiroi Koibito Park in Sapporo 

The idea of visiting Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory was a dream for many of us when we were young. Well, now you can fulfil that fantasy in real life by visiting the Shiroi Koibito Park in Sapporo, Hokkaido.

Chocolate theme park with a European atmosphere

Image credit: Ishiya

If you’ve been to Japan, you’d surely have chanced upon the famed Shiroi Koibito, a popular souvenir from Hokkaido that comprises a layer of white chocolate sandwiched between 2 crisp pieces of langues de chat.

Shiroi Koibito Park is a theme park opened by Ishiya, the confectionery purveyor behind the famed souvenir. Here, you can not only taste delicious and exclusive Japanese confectionery, but also see how they are made through the park’s various attractions.

Tour the factory where Shiroi Koibito is made

Image Credit: Ishiya

Chocotopia Factory is an attraction where you can take a look at how Shiroi Koibito and baumkuchen cakes are being made in the factory. 

The tour is livened up with some wit and humour, and the park uses adorable dioramas to explain their confectionery-making processes, if you’re not into boring assembly lines.

View of the production line from the gallery.
Image Credit: Shiroi Koibito Park

But if you so prefer a peek into the real deal, the factory, which features staff hard at work at the production lines, can also be seen. While you’re there, try to spot a counter, which updates live the number of products produced on the day. 

Try your hand at making sweets

Image credit: Shiroi Koibito Park

Located on the 4th floor of Shiroi Koibito Park, the Sweets Workshop Dream Kitchen is a space dedicated to workshops where you try your hands at making Shiroi Koibito or chocolates.

Sweet-making room.

Image credit: Ishiya

Chocolate-making room.
Image credit: Ishiya

Courses available include decorating heart-shaped cookies with chocolate pens (¥1,200, ~USD8.85), making rose-shaped macarons (¥1,200, ~USD8.85), decorating cupcakes (¥1,500, ~USD11.06), and more.

Image credit: @chama_su99 via Instagram

If these sweet-making courses sound right up your alley, be sure to make a reservation at least a day in advance via their website.

Get exclusive souvenirs and confectioneries

Candy artists moulding a big piece of candy into shape.
Image Credit: Shiroi Koibito Park

On the ground floor of the theme park, there are shops selling exclusive products, ranging from cookies to cakes, and of course, chocolates. If you have the time, be sure to drop by Candy Labo, a candy station where candy artists mould lumps of hot sugar into various shapes and designs.

Candy Lab Masking Tape.

Image credit: Shiroi Koibito Park

Shiroi Koibito Sticky Memo.
Image credit: Shiroi Koibito Park

Apart from candy, you can also purchase exclusive stationeries such as candy-themed washi tapes, as well as sticky notes designed just like the iconic Shiroi Koibito.

Personalised Shiroi Koibito tin box with pet dog.
Image credit: @makura_bang via Instagram

For the ultimate keepsake, drop by the Photo Shop MEMENTO, which allows you to customise a Shiroi Koibito tin box by adding a picture of yourself against the backdrop of Rishiri Fuji, the snowy mountain that’s featured as part of its logo. 

The tin, which comes with 36 packets of Shiroi Koibito, is customisable at ¥4,188 (~USD30.87).

Getting there

A chocolatey paradise awaits you at Shiroi Koibito Park. To get there, take the Tozai Line subway at Shin Sapporo Station and alight at Miyanosawa Station. The ride takes around 35 minutes and will set you back ¥380 (~USD2.80). The park is accessible via a 7-minute walk from the station.

Admission: ¥800 (~USD5.89) for adults aged 16 and above, ¥400 (~USD2.95) for children aged 4 to 15, and free for children under 3 years old
Address: 2 Chome-11-36 Miyanosawa 2 Jo, Nishi Ward, Sapporo, 063-0052 Hokkaido
Opening hours: 10am-5pm, Daily (Last admission at 4pm)
Contact: 011-666-1481

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Cover image adapted from: Shiroi Koibito Park