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These Shiba Inu Glasses With Scarves & Kimono Are So Cute That You’ll Be Howling To Get One

Shiba Inu glasses

Liven up your office desk and dinner tables with GOODGLAS’ Shiba Inu glasses. With creative designs featuring Shiba Inu dressed in work attire and traditional clothing, the adorable glasses will recharge both your hydration levels and your energy for the day.

Create Shiba Inu of different colours

shiba inu glasses - milk scarf design
Image credit: @goodglas_japan

As the glassware is see-through, you can have fun creating Shiba Inu of different colours by pouring varying coloured liquids into the glasses. For instance, pouring milk lets you create a white Shiba Inu.

There are 7 designs available to play around with.

scarf and collar designs
(From left) Collar and scarf designs.
Image adapted from: GOODGLAS and GOODGLAS

Some designs feature popular Shiba Inu accessories such as a dog bone collar and patterned scarves. You can choose between a transparent or tinted yellow glass for each design. They cost ¥3,200 (~USD29.28) each.

shiba inu glasses - work and kimono designs
(From left) Work attire and kimono designs
Image adapted from: GOODGLAS and GOODGLAS

You can also find adorable designs with the Shiba Inu wearing work attire at ¥3,200 (~USD29.28) or a kimono (着物; traditional Japanese dress). The glasses are a little pricier at ¥3,400 (~USD31.11) each. The Shiba Inu dressed in work attire would make for a great work companion on your office desk.

shiba inu glasses - wafuku sets
(From left) Sakura and plum sets.
Image adapted from: GOODGLAS and GOODGLAS

If you’d like to get matching glasses with your friend or partner, consider the designs featuring wafuku, a type of traditional Japanese clothing. The wafuku collection has 2 types – the sakura set and the plum set. Each set costs ¥6,800 (~USD62.22) and comes with 2 glasses.

black shiba inu
Image credit: GOODGLAS

The last design features a black Shiba Inu (¥3,200, ~USD29.28). However, it is currently out of stock. Bookmark this page and check regularly to see if it’ll be restocked.

different glasses
Image credit: @goodglas_japan

All glasses measure 9.2cm in diameter and are 9.6cm tall, with a volume capacity of 250ml. They can hold liquids ranging from -20°C to 120°C.

Every glass is unique

shiba inu glasses
Image credit: @goodglas_japan

These glasses are the work of GOODGLAS. They are created through glassblowing, in which molten glass is moulded by air blown through a tube. As such, every glass is one-of-a-kind, unlike other commercial glasses that are created uniformly through moulds.

Where to buy the Shiba Inu glasses

You can get the Shiba Inu glasses from GOODGLAS’s official online store here. Alternatively, you may purchase the scarf and collar designs from the Grape online store – the scarf design is found here, while the collar design can be purchased here.

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Cover image adapted from: GOODGLAS and GOODGLAS