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SNS Omamori Lets You Safeguard Your Social Media Health By Warding Off Trolls

SNS Omamori

In Japan, if you want to pray for good health and happiness, you’ll get yourself an amulet called omamori (お守), which is available at shrines and temples. But now, there’s a new type of omamori emerging in Japan – the SNS Omamori.

These amulets, unlike its traditional counterparts, are meant to help you prosper and stay safe in the digital world. And to get one, you don’t go to a shrine or a temple – head down to your nearest gashapon capsule machine instead.

6 designs available

sns omamori - 6 amulets
Image credit: @tanigawaa1

Measuring 6.5cm in length, the SNS Omamori are amulets to safeguard your cyberwellness and help you become more successful online. There are 6 designs available, each offering a different blessing.

sns omamori - amulets
(From left) Amulets offering blessings for more followers, likes, and virality.
Image adapted from: TAMA-KYU, TAMA-KYU and TAMA-KYU

Labelled “フォロワー増祈願” (forowaazou kigan; prayer for more followers), “いいね増祈願” (iinezou kigan; prayer for more likes), and “バズ祈願” (bazu kigan; prayer to create “buzz”) respectively, these amulets offer luck for gaining more followers, likes, and virality.

sns omamori - amulets
(From left) Amulets offering protection against flame wars, troll replies, and from being blocked.
Image adapted from: TAMA-KYU, TAMA-KYU and TAMA-KYU

As the digital space is growing increasingly toxic, getting amulets to ward off flame wars, troll replies, and being blocked is also a great idea. The amulets printed with “炎上厄除” (enjou yakuyoke; protection from flame wars), “クソリプ厄除” (kusoripu yakuyoke; protection from shitty replies), and “ブロック厄除” (burokku yakuyoke; protection from being blocked) can help you with that.

Sought after by content creators

The SNS Omamori has caught the attention of many netizens, especially content creators.

sns omamori - kaila tweet
Image adapted from: @kailaroo

Kaila, a Filipina content creator based in Japan, shared the amulets she bought on her Twitter account @kailaroo.

sns omamori - amulet kaila
Kaila’s SNS Omamori
Image credit: @kailaroo

Jokingly, she remarked that there will be “No more Sh!tty comments” [sic], and that she can have “more followers” now.

sns omamori - tweet
Image adapted from: @KingJoe_NAVY

@KingJoe_NAVY is another content creator who shares Japanese pop culture content on Twitter.

sns omamori - gacha machine amulet
Image adapted from: @KingJoe_NAVY and @KingJoe_NAVY

Upon seeing the amulets, they spared no time and got an amulet for themselves – one that prays for more followers.

bunkei tweet
Image adapted from: @bunkei_tk

Meanwhile, ぶんけい – a popular YouTuber-cum-video producer who co-runs the channel パオパオチャンネルtweeted that he wishes to get the amulet that protects one from flame wars.

Get the SNS Omamori from capsule machines

Image credit: @kailaroo

These amulets will come in useful for anyone who has an online presence. Get your own SNS Omamori, priced at ¥300 (~USD2.74) each, from gashapon machines throughout Japan. Alternatively, check out international websites that resell gashapon toys.

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Cover image adapted from: @kailaroo and @akanobutasan