Japan panda butt book

panda butt book - xiaoxiao, leilei and shinshin
Twin pandas Xiao Xiao and Lei Lei with their mom, Shin Shin.
Image credit: Tokyo Zoological Park Society

Ever since the debut of the exceedingly adorable baby twin pandas in Japan, our appetites for panda-related content has been steadily growing. Such seems to be the case for Japan as well, given that Japanese publishing company Shufunotomo published a panda butt book, titled Panketsu, that sold out soon after its release.

Overwhelming love for panda butts

Image credit: Shufunotomo

Panketsu was first released on 7th Dec 2021, and the publisher rushed for an urgent reprint to keep up with Japan’s overwhelming demand for cute, round panda butts.

panda butt book - xiaoxiao and leilei
Image credit: Tokyo Zoological Park Society

The book features the 13 pandas at Ueno Zoo, including the newborn twins Xiao Xiao and Lei Lei. There are, of course, many exclusive photos of snuggly panda butts.

Contents of the panda butt book

Besides photos of panda butts, the book also contains a quiz that tests your ability to match the panda butts to the panda’s names. Afterall, each panda’s butt is unique, with different colours, shapes, and sizes.

panda butt book - Q&A section
Image credit: Shufunotomo

Panketsu also has a Q&A section where it answers commonly asked questions, such as whether pandas are born with a fluffy tail, or if their fur is soft. By the end of the book, you will be a self-proclaimed panda expert.

Sold-out panda butt book in Japan 

Although we never could have predicted Japan’s overwhelming desire for panda butts, we can see the reason behind it – they are incredibly adorable.

If you are also an avid panda fan, you can purchase Panketsu here before it sells out again.

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Cover image adapted from: Tokyo Zoological Park Society & Shufunotomo

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