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Demon Slayer Fan Brings His Tanjirō Figurine To Life With DIY Holograms & Here’s How To Do It 

Demon Slayer hologram fan 

If you’re an anime fan and use social media regularly, you will have seen the viral clip of a Tanjirō figurine backed up by an animation of his water slashing technique. However, few actually know how to achieve it. 

Demon Slayer Hologram Fan - GIF
Video adapted from: imgur

As it turns out, the trick lies in a hologram display fan.

How the Demon Slayer hologram fan works

In an Instagram post from July 2021, user @holofanco showed off their Tanjirō figurine on a kitchen counter. The magic starts when a hologram fan is switched on, and its blades spin to produce a holographic animation of Tanjirō’s water slashing technique.

Despite its name, the hologram fan does not actually display a 3D hologram – it’s an illusion caused by rapidly spinning fan blades equipped with programmable LED lights. 

Demon Slayer Hologram Fan - tanjiro background animations
Image credit: @holofanco

Since LED lights can never light up in black, when users program the fan to display an image or video with a black background, it will appear as if it’s holographic

Some hologram LED fans can even be connected to a speaker, taking projections to the next level.

How to create your own hologram displays

First, get your hands on a hologram display fan – you can purchase one from HOLOFAN for USD299.95 or Amazon for USD119.99. While they’re on the pricier side, they will do your figurines justice.

Demon Slayer Hologram Fan - amazon's holofan
Image credit: Amazon

Before deciding the size of the hologram fan to purchase, measure the height of your figurine. Make sure that the fan will be big enough for your figurine.

Some hologram fans have a cover that reduces the noise from the fan and serves as protection. However, it reduces the “mid-air” holographic effect.

Demon Slayer Hologram Fan - holofanco's holofan
Image credit: Holofanco

Although there are many different types of hologram display fans, most of them work similarly. Just connect your phone or laptop to the fan via Wi-Fi and upload your own videos and images to the fan display.

The possibilities are endless for the Demon Slayer hologram fan

The viral Demon Slayer figurine clip has fascinated many people, but now you know the techy secret behind it. If you are itching to give your favourite figurine an upgrade, let your creative juices flow as you create different types of holographic visuals. Who knows, perhaps you could become the next viral trend!

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Cover image adapted from: Ufotable and @holofanco