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Neko Neko Shokupan: Japanese Bakery Chain Selling Adorable & Fluffy “Breeds” Of Cat-Shaped Bread

Neko Neko Shokupan bakery

There’s no shortage of bakeries in Japan serving up fresh and delectable bakes. But if you’d like something other than the usual sourdough and rustic country loaves, head to Neko Neko Shokupan, which offers adorable cat-shaped shokupans that are a feast for the eyes and palate.  

Adorable cat-shaped loaf bread

Neko Neko Shokupan - toast with butter and jam
Image credit: @nekoneko_shokupan

Shokupan (食パン) is a type of Japanese white bread with a soft and fluffy interior that’s much more flavourful than your average toast. Usually toasted and enjoyed during breakfast, these breads are the perfect canvas for accompaniments such as fruit jam and butter. 

Neko Neko Shokupan - toast with milk
Image credit: ALL HEARTS Company Inc

A Japanese bakery chain which goes by the adorable moniker “Neko Neko Shokupan” (ねこねこ食パン) has been serving up cat-shaped loaves since 2019. 

Neko Neko Shokupan - shokupan flat lay
Image credit: @nekoneko_shokupan

Made with locally sourced wheat flour and 100% whole milk, the bakery’s milky and pillowy bread makes for the purrfect breakfast that will start your day off on the right note. 

Variety of flavours and exclusive seasonal releases

Neko Neko Shokupan - flavoured shokupan
Image credit: @nekoneko_shokupan

Aside from offering classic plain bread, Neko Neko Shokupan also likes to jazz up their shokupan with a rotation of flavours. Flavours include chocolate, red bean, cheese, raisins, and more. Depending on the flavour, each slice costs ¥190 (~USD1.74) onwards and a whole bread loaf starts at ¥680 (~USD6.23)

Neko Neko Shokupan - calico shokupan
Image credit: @nekoneko_shokupan

And perhaps the cutest of the lot is the mikeneko – made with a combination of plain, caramel, and black cocoa dough – which resembles a calico cat with coloured fur patches. 

Neko Neko Shokupan - zebra shokupan
Image credit: @nekoneko_shokupan

For cat lovers who have a soft spot for tabby cats, get the striped cat bread loaf which comprises swirls of flavoured dough. 

Neko Neko Shokupan - sailor moon luna bread
Image credit: @chihiyof

Occasionally, Neko Neko Shokupan also launches seasonal releases and exclusive collaborations. In February 2021, to celebrate the release of the film Sailor Moon Eternal, the bakery unveiled a limited-edition Luna bread (¥1,200, ~USD10.99)

The base of the character bread is made with black cocoa dough, complete with vibrant pink strawberry-flavoured ears. It even comes with a yellow chocolate pen so fans can add Luna’s signature crescent moon as a finishing touch. 

Getting to Neko Neko Shokupan

Neko Neko Shokupan - omotesando shop exterior
Outlet in Omotesandō, Tokyo.
Image credit: @yui__olive

Currently, Neko Neko Shokupan has outlets in multiple cities across Japan, including Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. 

To get to the Omotesandō branch in Tokyo, start at Tokyo Station. Hop on the train along the Marunouchi Line and alight at Akasaka-Mitsuke Station. Transfer to the Ginza Line and get off at Omotesando Station. A 6-minute walk will bring you to the bakery. You can also browse through their website to locate a branch nearest to you. 

Neko Neko Shokupan - omotesando shop exteriorImage credit: @______mu.k

For a fuss-free purchase, order the bread via their online store. Shipping is limited to within Japan and the fees depend on your address, with additional charges applicable for delivery to Hokkaido and Okinawa. 

Omotesandō outlet (Tokyo)
Address: 4 Chome-8-2 Jingumae, Shibuya City, 150-0001, Tokyo
Opening hours: 10AM-8.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 0367-21-0417

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Cover image adapted from (clockwise from left): @nekoneko_shokupan, @nekoneko_shokupan and @nekoneko_shokupan