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Japan Further Eases Entry Restrictions For Non-Tourists, Students Given Priority 

Japan eases entry restrictions

After almost two years of postponed plans, cancelled flights, and ever-changing border measures, Japan is finally reopening to new foreign arrivals. According to the press conference held by Japan’s Prime Minister Kishida Fumio on 3rd March 2022, Japan will be easing entry restrictions further for non-tourist foreign nationals. 

Daily cap to increase to 7,000 a day

Kishida Fumio speaking at the Prime Minister’s office

Image adapted from: TBS News

With reportedly over 400,000 foreign nationals waiting anxiously to enter Japan again, the news of the Japanese government amending existing border measures is more than welcome. The newly relaxed measures will allow non-tourist entries such as international students, business travellers and technical trainees to enter the country. 

Kishida has revealed plans to increase the daily cap on foreign arrivals into the country from 5,000 to 7,000, just two days after an increase from the previous limit of 3,500 took effect. 

On top of the daily 7,000 cap, Japan’s revised border scheme will allow an additional 1,000 students per weekday to enter the country. The new measures will commence from 14th March 2022

Priority to be given to international students

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Sho K

Furthermore, in order to facilitate international students’ transition into the new academic year – which typically begins in April – the Smooth Student Entry Scheme (円滑入国スキーム; enkatsu nyūkoku sukiimu) will be put in place. Under the scheme, students enrolled in high school, language schools, and universities will be given priority to seats on national airlines such as ANA and JAL. 

Designated seats will be reserved from Monday to Thursday – during off-peak business travel period – from mid-March to May 2022. Expect to hear more information and details regarding application processes from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology next week. 

Current quarantine measures

Image credit: Jay Lo

If you’re one of the lucky few who’s well on your way to Japan, here’s what you need to know about existing quarantine measures in Japan. Self-quarantine has been shortened to three days, which means you can spend fewer days holed up in a room and more time outside exploring. 

Foreigners from countries deemed by the Japanese government to have the Omicron variant under control, as well as those who have had their booster shot, will be exempted from quarantine entirely.

For the full list of countries and regions, refer to the official site of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Japan entry restrictions updates

Currently, there are no updates pertaining to when tourists can enter the country for leisure purposes. But with the world opening up slowly but surely, we hope it won’t be too long before we can find ourselves in the Land of the Rising Sun again. For the latest updates on Japan’s border measures, be sure to follow this space. 

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Cover image adapted from: Jay Lo