McDonald’s Pikachu desserts

While the BTS meal takes the world by storm, another “storm” is approaching Japan’s McDonald’s outlets – literally. McDonald’s Japan will be collaborating with Pokémon to release a series of McDonald’s Pikachu-themed desserts on 11th June 2021. 

The limited-time promotion will feature 3 desserts that will be served in adorable cups and packaging with special Pikachu designs.

Sweets Trio Furuchu collaboration

McDonald’s Pikachu - official promotion visual
Image credit: @McDonaldsJapan

The collaboration is officially called “Sweets Trio Furuchu” and features 3 desserts that have a colour scheme that references Pikachu’s predominantly yellow, red, and brown design. The desserts are the yellow peach-flavoured McShake, Chocolate Banana McFlurry, and the Apple Custard Pie. The McShake flavour is a new addition to the McDonald’s menu.

Check out their 15-second advertisement for the new promotion below.

Video credit: マクドナルド公式(McDonald’s)

Desserts served in special Pikachu-themed cups and packaging

While 2 out of the 3 products featured in the promotion aren’t new, the collaboration is worth looking forward to because of the specially designed Pikachu-themed packaging that come with the desserts. There are 12 different designs in total.

McDonald's Pikachu - yellow peach mcshake s cup designs
Designs for the S-sized drink
Image adapted from: McDonald’s Japan

The sweet-and-sour yellow peach-flavoured McShake costs ¥120 (~USD1.09) for the S size and ¥200 (~USD1.81) for the M size. 

McDonald’s Pikachu - yellow peach mcshake m cup designs
Designs for the M-sized drink
Image adapted from: McDonald’s Japan

Meanwhile, the Chocolate Banana McFlurry is an ice cream that’s sweeter than Ash’s relationship with Pikachu. Available at ¥290 (~USD2.63) each, the McFlurry likewise comes with 3 different Pikachu cup designs.

McDonald’s Pikachu - chocolate banana mcflurry cup designs
Designs for the McFlurry cup
Image adapted from: McDonald’s Japan

Finally, bring some warmth to your belly with the McDonald’s Apple Custard Pie (¥150, ~USD1.36). It comes in 3 packaging designs.

McDonald’s Pikachu - apple custard pie designs
Designs for the Apple Custard Pie packaging
Image adapted from: McDonald’s Japan

Available for a limited time from 11th June onwards

This special promotion will begin on 11th June at most McDonald’s outlets in Japan. The new McShake will be on the menu until mid-July, while the special Pikachu designs will be available for the other 2 desserts until early-September. Do grab one of these adorable Pikachu-themed desserts before they flee from your sight!

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Cover image adapted from: McDonald’s Japan

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