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Kumachan Onsen: Adorable Teddy Bears Melt Into Delicious Hot Pot Baths

Kumachan Onsen in Shibuya

Flavourful broth, warm and hearty, and goes great with any ingredients – hot pot is no doubt the ultimate winter comfort food. Just when we thought the sweater weather classic couldn’t get any better, hot pot restaurant Kumachan Onsen manages to further level it up by serving it in teddy bear form.

Teddy bear hot pot from Hokkaido

Kumachan Onsen - set mealImage credit: Kumachan Onsen

Originally based in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Kumachan Onsen is a restaurant that specialises in teddy bear hot pot. In December 2021, the restaurant brought their unbearably adorable hot pot to Tokyoites, opening a new branch in Shibuya. 

Kumachan Onsen - teddy bear hot potImage credit: @kr_tokyo

All soup bases, which are served in individual pots, come in the shape of a teddy bear that’s solidified with the help of collagen. As an extra kawaii touch, each bear comes with a daikon “towel” placed on top of their heads, as if it’s enjoying a hot soak in an onsen.

Water is added, and the teddy bear melts little by little as the pot heats up, eventually disintegrating into a simmering pot of flavourful broth. 

Kumachan Onsen - teddy bear soup base meltingImage credit: @pinkpierced

Kumachan Onsen - teddy bear soup base meltingImage credit: @t_ropo2631

Once the bear is fully submerged and soaking in the hot bath, you can dig in and start adding vegetables and dipping thinly sliced meat, or shabu shabu, into the broth. 

Seven soup stocks available

Kumachan Onsen - range of soup basesImage credit: @ai.m213

Although hot pot is typically a social affair that’s best enjoyed with a large group of people, patrons are served individual pots at Kumachan Onsen.  

Kumachan Onsen - soup bases
Image credit: PR Times

Choose from the seven soup bases that are available – Korean gochujang, soy milk, chicken, katsuo dashi (skipjack tuna), miso, Sichuan-style spicy dandan, and a seasonal flavour that is changed regularly.

Kumachan Onsen - meat platterImage credit: @azu_511

Each set comes with a generous platter of vegetables and sides, as well as your choice of meat such as beef (¥3,500, ~USD27.39), lamb (¥2,780, ~USD21.76), and chicken (¥2,780, ~USD21.76). Alternatively, you can also get a mix of everything at ¥2,980 (~USD23.34)

Visiting Kumachan Onsen

Kumachan Onsen - restaurant interiorImage credit: @asuka1.10

Currently, Kumachan Onsen’s original Susukino branch in Sapporo is in the midst of relocation, so their newly opened branch in Shibuya is their only operating outlet for now. To get there, simply hop on a train to Shibuya Station. The restaurant is just a four-minute walk from the Meiji-dori Ave Exit.

Kumachan Onsen - restaurant interiorImage credit: @_____kn1419

Due to its popularity, reservation slots fill up fairly quickly weeks in advance. If you’re planning to make a trip there, we recommend making your reservations online here prior to your visit.

Address: 1-8-10 2nd Floor, Shibuya, Shibuya City, 150-0002 Tokyo
Opening hours: 11AM-3PM (Last order at 2PM), 5PM-11PM (Last order at 10.30PM) (Daily)
Telephone: 0364-27-1613

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Cover image adapted from: @kr_tokyo and @pinkpierced