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Fuji-Q Highland’s 2 Jail-Themed Ferris Wheel Cabins Will Imprison You With Fear, Opens 21st Jul

Fuji-Q Highland jail-themed Ferris wheel

Located near Mount Fuji, Fuji-Q Highland is an amusement park that has been offering exciting rides for over 50 years. This summer, the management is upping the park’s thrill factor by upgrading its existing Ferris wheel with new jail-themed cabins. If you love scaring yourself, be sure to head down to Fuji-Q Highland this July.

Jail-themed Ferris wheel cabins

fuji q jail ferris wheel - shining flower
Image credit: Fuji-Q Highland

Fuji-Q Highland is home to multiple family-friendly attractions. 1 of them is the colourful Shining Flower Ferris wheel, which stands at 50m. With a ride duration of 11 minutes, the observation wheel offers its passengers enough time to appreciate the scenic views of the nearby Mount Fuji.

fuji q jail ferris wheel - jail cabin illustration
Image credit: PR Times

But if you find slow Ferris wheel rides too boring, Fuji-Q Highland has a surprise in store for you. On 29th June 2021, the management announced that 2 of the 32 Shining Flower Ferris wheel passenger cars will be turned into jail-themed cabins.

The 2 new cabins will be transformed into prison cells. Based on the artist’s impression, the cabin will be made of steel bars reminiscent of an actual jail cell – no comfy seats here. While there are stainless steel nets lining the cabin to protect the passengers, the ride is still undoubtedly terrifying because of how wide open the cabin seems.

shining flower side view
Image credit: PR Times

According to the press release, only 2 persons are allowed in 1 cabin. If you’re travelling in a large group, those not in the cabin should take this chance to take photos and indulge in the sinful pleasure of watching the chosen “inmates” suffer.

The ticket for the ride costs ¥800 (~USD7.24). There are no age restrictions, but preschool children must be accompanied by a junior high school student or someone older.

4 fully transparent cabins currently available

shining flower front view
Image credit: TOMMY LEE

Before the 2 prison-themed cabins make their appearance, you can enjoy an equally thrilling ride in one of Shining Flower’s 4 fully transparent cabins, which are already in operation. Similar to the jail-themed cabins, each transparent passenger car can only accommodate 2 people.

The other 26 Ferris wheel cabins of the Shining Flower are your typical passenger cars. Each one can accommodate 4 people.

New Fuji-Q Highland jail-themed Ferris wheel cabins

The new prison-themed cabins will begin operations on 21st July 2021. If you’re visiting Fuji-Q Highland on that day, be sure to check out the Fujiyama Tower, which will be opening on the same date.

Address: 5 Chome-6-1 Shinnishihara, Fujiyoshida, 403-0017 Yamanashi
Opening hours: MonFri 10AM-4PM | Sat & Sun 10AM-6PM (Closed occasionally on Thursdays)
Admission: Entry into the park is free. From 21st July 2021 onwards, a “Free Pass” ticket costs ¥6,300 (~USD57.01) for adults, ¥5,800 (~USD52.49) for junior high and high school students, and ¥4,600 (~USD41.63) for children aged 7 and above. For toddlers aged 1 and above, and seniors aged 65 and above, the pass costs ¥2,200 (~USD19.91). Buy your tickets here.
Telephone: 0555-23-2111

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Cover image adapted from: George JohnPaul and PR Times